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Workals unites techno and orchestral music


Works is a very talented French producer of melodic-progressive techno. Born as Kevin Rodrigues, Workals has earned a fascinating reputation as a producer who incorporates various orchestral elements into his music. With this unique musical style, it brings the experience of a live orchestra to an electronic music dance floor, concert hall and music festival.

As of this writing, Workals are gearing up for their final US tour stop tonight in San Francisco. His last tour of the United States saw him perform at notable stages such as Denver, Brooklyn and Los Angeles. Here’s One EDM’s exclusive interview with Kevin “Workals” Rodrigues as he provides more details on his go-to musical style and future plans. Also follow him on Instagram!

Kenny Ngo: Hi Kevin, for many people who don’t know who you are behind the name Workals, who are you and what is your Melodic-Progressive Techno style?

Kevin “Workals” Rodrigues: Hey! My name is Kevin. I am 32 years old and I started music by learning to play the piano at the age of three. I have been composing electronic music for a little over 10 years now. I would describe my style as “electronic orchestra” as I try to mix classical instruments with electronic music.

Do you feel like Melodic Progressive Techno mixes the best of classical orchestral music with modern electronic music? Especially if it makes you want to merge the world of old music with new music.

I think an instrument is just an instrument, and it’s up to you to make it play something that will sound good in the end. I like the fact that I have extremely different influences and that I don’t have to fit into one genre.

What made you decide to pursue a path in the creation of electro-melodic music like the ones you are creating?

I’ve always thought electronics was great for its endless possibilities of sounds and effects. But I also found that it often lacked emotion, and that’s what I try to add with this “movie music” vibe.

An example of how your style of music can be innovative and expansive can be found in your performance at Le Cercle in 2019. How did you feel during this performance?

It was a great moment and I hope we will have the opportunity to do another! The Cercle team is great and it was also special to play this show in Provence where I live!

Did you feel that your performance at Le Cercle could have allowed electronic music fans to have a new respect for orchestral musical elements and influences?

Probably for some of them! I like to think that I am proposing a bridge connecting two worlds. Then again, of course, not everyone can like that. I’m definitely very focused on delivering something as good as possible to still make it special. Whether you like it or not…

You are about to conclude your last American tour on February 5 in San Francisco. What was the most memorable city and highlight of your visit?

More than one city, I got to see a bit more of this great country. The more I come to the United States, the more I like it! I think this tour is the start of a new great adventure.

What do you expect from your last tour stop, San Francisco?

I can’t wait to give it my all like I usually do! But of course, as the last show of the tour, I’d like it to be some sort of climax.

What’s next in terms of touring and performing for you?

Unfortunately I can’t say much at the moment but I’m working on a big project for the end of the year.

Are there any exciting details about the new music that will be released from your upcoming album?

I experiment a lot, I try to get rid of all boundaries. Tempo in particular. I don’t want to be a slave to that regular 115-130 bpm (beats per minute) club. I really feel the need to explore and let my creativity flow everywhere.

What is your personal hope for this year (according to you)?

I hope that I will come back to the United States before this project that I am working on. The nights I play here are getting better every day so I feel like it’s going in a great direction! I am also very happy with the end of the year. You will know why very soon.