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Will the Utah Jazz wake up before it’s too late in 2021-22?


It’s time to face the facts: The Utah Jazz haven’t felt like serious NBA title contenders this season.

At 41-25, they’ve been good. Nobody could deny it. Fourth in the Western Conference is fourth in the Western Conference. If they’re happy with another equally well-run finish, they’re on the right track.

Only they can’t afford it.

Utah Jazz title window closes

There’s a sense of urgency surrounding this Utah Jazz season. There always have been. This is what happens when rumors of your best player’s displeasure multiply.

We already knew they could compete in the regular season. They’ve been doing this ever since people wondered if Rodney Hood was their franchisor. The remaining question was always whether they could take the next step.

If last night was any indication, they’re not ready for the NBA Finals.

Utah Jazz drops tight contest to inferior opponent

The Jazz lost to the San Antonio Spurs by a final score of 104-102. It was a historic game that saw Gregg Popovich surpass Don Nelson for the most regular season wins of any NBA head coach in history.

Good for Pop. He’s one of the greatest basketball minds we’ve ever known: he deserves it. We just wish he hadn’t made history against the Utah Jazz.

The Jazzmen were heavily favored in this game. It didn’t matter. There were no injuries to blame. They just struggled to get the ball in the basket.

Do the Utah Jazz need to refine their formula?

We’ve said it ad nauseam: you live by the three, you die by the three. Last night the Utah Jazz died a thousand deaths from beyond the arc.

Or, at least 27. That’s the number they missed out of their 40 attempts, which translates to an accuracy rate of 32.5%.

It was somehow worse than that. The loss highlighted the problem of dominant three-point attacks. When they click, no one can stop them. When they’re not, they tend to make a team look at the bush league like the Utah Jazz did last night.

Maybe Quin Snyder should flesh out a more comprehensive Plan B for the Jazzmen.

Maybe he will, or maybe the Utah Jazz will stick to their guns. All hope is not lost for this franchise. Still, if a fan’s faith wavered, you couldn’t blame them.