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What did transgender reality star Jazz Jennings do in 2021?


Jazz Jennings is a YouTube personality, spokesperson, TV personality, and LGBTQ + rights activist. She is best known for being one of the youngest publicly documented people to identify as transgender. She gained national attention in 2007 when she interviewed Barbara Walters on 20/20. Her parents told media that Jennings insisted on being a woman whenever she could speak.

Jennings then hosted a series of YouTube videos called “I Am Jazz,” chronicling her life as a transgender child. She continued to play in the CCM reality TV series of the same name. i’m jazz still airs with season seven airing on November 30. In 2013, Jennings wrote a children’s book called “I Am Jazz”, which chronicled her life as a transgender child.

Since becoming transgender and becoming an inspiring activist for young children, what else has Jazz Jennings done? Here’s what she did in 2021.

Amused on TikTok

Like a gen-Zer, Jennings is on TikTok. She posts a lot of videos with her siblings and trends too. While she posts fun and relevant content, she also posts important videos with her family and spreads positivity and transgender rights awareness. Jennings has 829,000 subscribers and an account.


Jazz Jennings has become a spokesperson for bubble moisturizers

Why not become an ambassador for something you love? Jazz loves using Bubble Moisturizer and became their spokesperson this year. She also announced on her Instagram that the moisturizer is now available at Walmart. It is advertised as “for normal to oily and combination skin” and it seems to be very popular with the younger generation. You can see Jennings using it in a few videos on her social media.

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Take a lot of selfies

What would a 21-year-old do if she didn’t take selfies? There are a lot of beautiful selfies of her that she posts. Some of them are aimed at promoting something, be it Pride Month or Transgender Awareness and others are just for fun because she’s confident in her body and who she is. The ones where the rainbow is reflected in the photo are even more special. If you love yourself, why not show it off?

Jazz Jennings was on the cover of ‘Variety Magazine’

This summer, the reality TV star made the cover of Variety magazine. The article was about how she paved the way for other trans youth and how she no longer has to do it alone. She has a great support system in her family and in the community who are LGBTQ + allies.

The magazine reports: “For her next chapter, Jennings may not know exactly what she wants to study or how she wants to continue carrying the torch of trans advocacy. But she knows she’s not alone after all. “I’m not the only one trying to make a difference in the world,” she said. “I’m just a person who does what I can to make a difference.

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Announcement of season 7 of “I Am Jazz”

You will see the Jennings family on your televisions very soon. The seventh season of i’m jazz airs November 30 on TLC. You can also watch it online at TLC.com. The show was also known as And all that. This season, Jazz will focus on weight gain and mental health control. The series first aired in 2015 and received positive reviews.

Jazz Jennings struggles to gain weight

Jennings posted on her Instagram that she recognizes her weight gain and is trying to make a better life for herself. She announced that she suffered from binge eating disorder and had gained over 100 pounds. The 21-year-old admitted she was receiving shame from her family. It all stemmed from mental health issues and trying to figure out where she wanted to go and do after high school. “I am ready to change my habits; I said I was ready to move on, but I’m out of trees now, ”she wrote on Instagram.

Hang out with your siblings

Jazz’s siblings always seem to be there for her. Whether it’s making a TikTok video or posting about their birthdays, playing tennis or just making faces, her twin brothers and older sister are her best friends. They advocate for trans rights and appear on the CCM show with it. They have never treated her any differently and love her for who she is.

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Advocacy for trans youth in sport

Since she was little, Jennings has not been able to play sports because she is transgender. More than ever, she is campaigning for trans youth to play on the team they identify with, so they can’t feel left out, exercise and feel at home. Some states have had debates on the issue and are trying to prevent trans children from playing at all.

As part of the “Girlhood … It’s Complicated” exhibit at the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History in Washington DC, Jennings celebrated her 21st birthday by seeing her mermaid tail in the exhibit. The show celebrates everything about being a woman, and Jennings was very happy to be a part of it.

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