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VFLW match report: Blues swoop on Pies


CARLTON survived a late Collingwood charge to win for the first time against the Magpies in the VFLW, snapping their three game losing streak.

The win is crucial for the Blues’ season as they begin their recovery from their slow start to the year.

A quarter

It was a brilliant start for Carlton initially as the team piled on the chances but in a familiar theme from previous games they were unable to convert them into goals. Collingwood managed to take advantage of a chance to counterattack for the first of the game. The final stages of the quarter were a hotly contested affair, with both teams struggling to create quality 50 starters. Ashlee Thorneycroft was at her best in midfield, starting the game with eight possessions in the first quarter.

Second trimester

Term two began with an early goal for the Blues, after debutant Maddi Wilson kicked in a fantastic goal from the boundary to level the scores. Mia Cowan then put the Blues ahead, using her strength to fend off the opposition before scoring a goal from the top of the box. However, poor discipline followed from the home side resulting in a 50 yard penalty in Collingwood’s direction putting Shanel Camelleri on the goal line where she duly finished.

Trimester Three

Carlton started the second half with energy, but this time around they took full advantage of their dominating play. Debutant Eliza Wood threw the first of the quarter before Stephanie Lawrence hit two in quick succession to give the Blues a 20-point lead. The Magpies began to regain control of the contest, but both sides were unable to create any other clear chances before the final change.

quarter four

Neither team was able to gain control at the start of the final quarter, with the ball spending most of its time in the central third of the pitch. Collingwood slowly began to put pressure on Carlton’s defense, and midway through the quarter managed to break through for their first half and give themselves a chance to come back late. The goal appeared to inspire the opposing team, as they piled on the chances, kicking in another kick to reduce the deficit to just five points. A few late chances for the Magpies came and went, but the Blues held on to finish as winners, snapping a three-game losing streak.

Summary of the game

Carlton 0.2.2 2.3.15 5.4.34 5.5.35
Collingwood 1.2.8 2.2.14 2.3.15 4.8.32

Goals: Lawrence 2, Cowan, Wilson, Wood.
Best: Klingbeil, Nicolaou, Bild, Wilson, Wood.

Stafford says:

“Fantastic performance today, it was really nice to be rewarded with the four points for their efforts.

“I think everyone contributed really well on the pitch, and in particular I want to give a special mention to the girls who played their first game of the season because I think they really brought heaps aside. today.”