Home Jazz “Utah Jazz or Lakers”: when Damian Lillard chose his favorite team other than the Portland Trail Blazers in 2017

“Utah Jazz or Lakers”: when Damian Lillard chose his favorite team other than the Portland Trail Blazers in 2017


Damian Lillard revealed in 2017 that he would have wanted to play for the Lakers or the Jazz if he hadn’t been with the Blazers.

At this point, most NBA fans agree that, on some level, the Portland Trail Blazers are wasting Damian Lillard’s bounty. And honestly, it’s easy to see why.

The list around Dame is loaded offensively from an isolation standpoint. However, there is no elite playmaker, which is part of why this team falters in the playoffs. Worse still is their defense.

Lillard and CJ McCollum are both undersized guards, so defense isn’t their bread and butter. And that being the case, the front office has to look and that and say ‘we’re going to bring in a lockdown defender who can anchor this team’. Instead, efforts have been half-hearted at best.

After the Blazers lost in the first round of the 2021 NBA Playoffs, the player was almost instantly surrounded by rumors. And with several different insiders thinking the star might actually be leaving Portland, perhaps a glance at some of her older tweets could give us her next potential destination.

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“Utah Jazz or Lakers”: Damian Lillard confessed which team he would sign with if it weren’t for the Blazers

To be clear here, Damian Lillard won’t enter free agency until 2025. However, if this situation is as messy as it looks from the outside, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect that. the player makes a trade request. .

If that were to happen, there would no doubt be a huge market for it. But, if it depended on the player, where would he sign?

Well, it looks like a tweet from 2017 might end up being the perfect answer to that question. Looked.

In 2017, maybe the Lakers and Jazz would have been awkward choices. However, today these two teams are title contenders and both would suit the player.

If we were to really pick the best candidate, we would say it’s the Lakers. Their stars Anthony Davis and LeBron James are elite defenders. There is also an elite game on this list. And above all, what they need most is to score.

It might not be the most likely thing in the world right now. But, if the Lakeshow can do it, it’s unclear what will happen next.

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