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Under-18s defeated by late Blues winner



With the lead in tow, the hosts sat down and allowed us to have a sustained possession period and that’s something we capitalized on 10 minutes later. Excellent interaction on the right flank saw Max McKnight enter the box, he then selected Owen in space on the left, who cut inside before fine-tuning the ball in the far right corner of the net . Despite the leveler, our opponents should have regained the lead just a minute later, but full-back Harry Manton wasted, trailing away from the corner.

In the 23rd minute, both teams had good opportunities to take the lead but, once again, the opportunities could not be seized. First off, Jaden Williams created an opportunity for us as he was coached by Owen, but the forward sliced ​​his shot off. The hosts then quickly broke up with Hall ultimately pulling a smart stop from Lo-Tutala.

We had another good opening in the 37th minute as Williams and Kyerematen combined to win the ball at the edge of the box before playing Owen. His effort, however, was tamed and easily picked up by goalkeeper Alfie Brooks. The winger, however, was not mistaken when he was offered a second opportunity two minutes later because, after Kyerematen slalomed through the defense line and picked him, Owen inserted the ball to eight meters.

After the restart, the Blues took control by claiming the equalizer. We had to weather a storm early in the second half, but with Lo-Tutala collecting every research center that entered the box, we seemed at ease. However, our resistance was broken over 70 minutes as Wakefield pinched between the lines to push Birmingham’s level up.

This put the Blues in line and they went looking for a winner. Over the next five minutes, the hosts had three half chances to take the lead, but Hall shot twice off target from good positions before Jordan James directly pierced Lo-Tutala from a distance.

With two minutes to go, we almost had the winner as Brandon Bryan-Waugh’s speculative effort from a distance was knocked down by goaltender Brooks. Still, it was the Blues who won the booty as Hall nodded with a free header one minute to go.