Home Music festival Ultra Music Festival successfully develops an extensive sustainability program

Ultra Music Festival successfully develops an extensive sustainability program


A highly acclaimed festival, Ultra Music, has grown tremendously since its initial inception and, with its growth, has steadily increased its sustainability efforts. His most recently discussed effort, “Mission: Home,” has been celebrated as the most far-reaching sustainability program among major U.S. electronic music festivals, reaching more than 2.7 million people and reducing the use of over than 1.1 million plastic items.

Ultra launched its “Mission: Home” sustainability program in 2019, and since then has collectively reduced 526,000 plastic items from waste streams, diverted over 60,000 pounds of waste from landfills, achieved an impressive 100% acceptance recycling loads in the local facility, and have impacted millions of people around the world.

Ultra’s “Mission: Home” sustainability project began with the motives of “preserving the home, reducing environmental impact, and inspiring the community to protect the planet”, and has since successfully executed 30 sustainability initiatives. different this year. Over the years, the initiative has done a lot of good for the community and the environment, while the project has partnered with various internationally renowned energy experts such as ZAP Concepts, Climate Futures, Ocean Conservancy, etc. .

Through a variety of sustainability campaigns, Ultra’s “Mission: Home” project has successfully helped the environment while inspiring the community. It will continue to connect people to nature, while helping humanity move in positive directions it should be taking for the environment. Through him, Ultra will continue to expand the environmental awareness of the festival scene as well as its respective communities.

Photo credit: ALIVE cover for Ultra Music Festival