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Tributes to Fermanagh musician Barney Lawn after Lough Erne tragedy


A MAN who lost his life in Lough Erne on Friday has been locally named Barney Lawn.

Well-known Co Fermanagh musician, trade unionist and fisherman, Mr Lawn fell from a jetty at Carrickreagh near Enniskillen in the early hours of Friday.

It is understood that he was visiting a friend.

His remains were found in the water on Saturday afternoon.

The fiddler had represented workers as a union representative for public and commercial services and president of Rossinver Fishery beans on Boa Island.

Peach said he would be remembered as a musician, fisherman and trade unionist, but also as a friend and neighbor.

“Barney fished in many places, including New Zealand, but he loved Lough Erne for trout fishing just as he loved the River Moy for its salmon fishing.

“Barney had a large family circle and many friends, but our thoughts today are with Celia, Barney’s wife of almost 36 years and their son Rory who is due to leave New Zealand in the next few days before he can be. with his mother. “

Local Sinn Féin MP Jemma Dolan said she believed “Barney was an experienced swimmer, which only adds to the tragedy but also highlights the dangers of our water.”

“My thoughts are with Barney’s wife, Cecilia and her family. My thoughts are also with his friends and those who knew Barney through his involvement in the music industry.

DUP adviser Deborah Erskine, who called the accident “tragic and heartbreaking” and “once again highlights the dangers of our lakes, lakes and waterways”.

“As we enter another period of good weather this week, I urge everyone to be careful around the water.”