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Tragedy as Lancaster woman collapsed and never woke up at music festival


A fitness center receptionist died of ecstasy poisoning after she and a friend attended a music festival, an inquest has heard.

Kelsey Corps, 20, collapsed from organ failure after taking two tablets with vodka while attending the event at the site of a former equestrian center.

A friend tried to get water to revive Kelsey but couldn’t find any and her condition deteriorated.

Kelsey was admitted to hospital in a coma where she tested positive for Covid and she suffered fatal cardiac arrest.

She died the next morning.

The tragedy happened on July 24 last year when Kelsey, from Lancaster, attended the Wonderwood Festival near Preston.

In a statement read at the Preston hearing, his friend Bradley Graham said: ”Kelsey was fun loving and loved to laugh and did recreational drugs at a party.

“She liked going to raves and did drugs there and she said it was fun and fun.

”I wanted to enter his world and go to the Wonderwood Festival.

“She asked me to go and I agreed. We talked about getting out of our heads and agreed to buy some tablets.

“Saturday morning, Kelsey and I took a taxi to the event and started drinking alcohol.

“I was drinking cider and she was drinking gin or vodka. I don’t remember when we took the pills, but only when others took them. I don’t know how many she took – I just remember thinking she had two and I had three.

”There were people passing bags of drugs and I wasn’t able to concentrate properly because of what I had taken.

“She started asking for water and I tried to bring her some but I couldn’t get any. I tried to get her to the security staff so they could take her to an ambulance.

“I finally did and they put her in a wheelchair. I was waiting for her to get up but she didn’t and after that I called her family.

“The pills I saw her with were red in color. I believe they had a red line down the middle and a Ferrari logo on it. I thought they were the same as mine. I don’t know where she got them or how long she’s had them.

Kelsey’s sister Jasmine said: ‘Kelsey was outgoing, funny and loved life.

“She had taken ecstasy before but she knew her limit. I don’t think she used any other drugs. She was a receptionist and would go to work, work hard and then hang out with her friends.

“She also loved spending evenings at home with her family.

Body of Kelsey

“In 2017, me Kelsey and our mother went to the Kendal Calling festival. It was our first time going to a festival and from then on she loved going to the big dance events. She was very funny and made everyone laugh.

“She went to the Wonderwood Festival and she wanted Bradley Graham to come as soon as possible.

“That night we got a phone call from Brad saying she was in an ambulance and had taken two pills max but he didn’t know if she had taken any other meds that day.

“I couldn’t see any messages on her phone prior to the event that she had purchased drugs that day.”

Dr Simon Vaughan, who worked in the intensive car unit at Blackpool Victoria Hospital, said: “Kelsey was brought to the emergency room at 8.52pm after collapsing to the floor after taking two MDMA tablets.

“She was already in a coma when she arrived.

”Kelsey had taken the ecstasy tablets around 7.30pm and had collapsed ten minutes later. Her temperature was 42°C and she had a rapid heartbeat and low blood pressure.

“She tested positive for Covid-19 and was transferred to a critical Covid unit.

“The initial expectation was that she would survive with supportive direction and we had a conversation with her mother on the phone about how Kelsey had collapsed and was found unconscious after a short seizure.

“But Kelsey started to deteriorate very seriously and by 1.25am his condition was so bad his red blood cells were deteriorating.

“This is a recognized but unexpected reaction to ecstasy ingestion.

“She continued to deteriorate and unfortunately she had become unstable. At 5am she went into cardiac arrest due to her low blood oxygen levels and resuscitation was attempted for 40 minutes. She died at 6:16 a.m. ”

Detective Rachel Crossley, of Lancashire Police, said: “The evidence given by Brad was that Kelsey had taken two tablets with her which she had at home.

“He said he bought a quantity of red tablets and he gave us the address where he bought them. No further action was taken due to insufficient evidence.

“Other tablets were found at the festival. The festival organizer said anyone entering the festival was physically searched and there were drug-sniffing dogs.

“An amnesty box was also provided. In the amnesty box there was a bag of unidentified powder, a bag of unidentified pills and another unidentified bag. The unidentified bag of pills contained MDMA/ecstasy and caffeine. They were all voluntarily handed over.

“Based on Jasmine and Brad’s testimony, Kelsey had taken ecstasy before. There is no information to suggest she was coerced. Brad said he had trouble getting water for Kelsey and that’s something that will be raised with the event organizer in the future. If someone asks for water, you give it to him.

A post-mortem examination showed elevated levels of MDMA in Kelsey’s system. His cause of death was multiple organ failure and ecstasy poisoning

Recording a finding of drug-related death, Coroner Sarah Sutherland told Kelsey’s family: ‘I heard Kelsey likes to have fun and likes to go to social events.

“She had taken ecstasy before and there was an intention to take ecstasy at this festival.

”We heard from Brad how she took an unknown amount of pills maybe two or three and there may have been more but he couldn’t help it.

“After ingesting pills, she collapsed. He tried his best to help her despite being drunk himself.

”It was hoped that she could be stabilized, but unfortunately, in the early morning, her condition deteriorated considerably.

“Detective Con Crossley, who helped lead the investigation, told me about the festival and what action will be taken going forward for water licensing after she was denied water when she asked for it I heard about the red pills with the distinctive color and logo.

”I accept that Kelsey died after ingesting recreational drugs. I can’t begin to imagine what you’ve been through, I’m sorry for your loss.”

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