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Tom Fletcher – Things You Didn’t Know About The Musician


Tom Fletcher is best known for being a part of the successful British pop group Mcfly, having won 7 UK number one singles with songs including All about you, 5 colors in her hair and Obviously.

Aside from being a smashing musician, Tom has also written bestselling novels and picture books for children including The Noëlaurus, The Danger Gang, The Dinosaur Who Pooped A Pirate, The Creakers and There is a monster in your book.

Tom also co-wrote an adult fiction trilogy titled Man’s Eve with his wife, 2020 I am a celebrity winner, Giovanna Fletcher.

Tom is currently exchanging writing and singing for samba as he takes on the challenge of his life by joining the 2021 Come dance strictly range of celebrities.

Here are a few things you might not know about Tom …

Tom Fletcher gets his love of music from his father

McFly - LR Danny Jones, Tom Fletcher, Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter

Tom (second from left) is the best friend of his bandmates McFly (RL) Danny Jones, Harry Judd and Dougie Poynter. (Image credit: Getty)

These days, Tom is part of the hit group McFly, who – just to put it in perspective – have earned 7 UK number one singles, like Elton John, U2 and Justin Bieber, and Tom credits to her father being the one who made her fall in love with music.

Tom told The Guardian: “My father worked 12-hour shifts in the Kodak factory – I remember crawling when it was at night – but he was also the lead singer of a band performing in the British Legion and in the men’s clubs. My earliest memories are of sitting at the back of a pub, falling asleep on the bench while my father played. He had me go on stage to sing with him since I was only three or four years old. I got my music from my father. “

He married his childhood sweetheart

Tom met his wife, Giovanna at Sylvia Young Theater School when he was 13, so she has been by his side since before his Mcfly days. Tom went back to his roots when he nominated, hosting a surprise proposal at school in 2011. The couple got married in 2012 and their wedding became a success on YouTube thanks to Tom’s wedding speech. , which he wrote in song form and performed on the day. The couple now have three sons, Buzz, Buddy and Max.

He has a famous sister

Tom’s sister is Carrie Hope Fletcher, who is not only an amazing stage actress, but also writes books. Tom always said that his sister had a huge influence on him. He told the Guardian: “She is incredibly talented and was very confident as a child – much more than I. We all shared the same interests. She played Jemima Potts in Chitty chitty bang bang when she was nine or 10 and just finished touring as Truly Scrumptious. And she writes books. My parents taught us that if you want to do something, give it your all. But we were never pushed into anything. They gave us everything and now I have children, I understand that is what you do for your children. “

He’s a confessed Christmas lover

Not only does Tom admit in his Instagram bio that he’s a huge fan of all things Christmas, he’s also written a series of bestselling children’s books based on his favorite time of year. The Noëlaurus and Christmassaurus and the winter witch have both been bestsellers, along with other Tom’s Christmas-themed books including The dinosaur that pooped at Christmas, and There is an elf in your book.

He won awards for being the father of his three beautiful boys

Tom and Giovanna have three boys, Buzz, Buddy, and Max, and Tom loves being a dad so much that he’s won awards for it. The singer has been crowned Celebrity Dad of the Year twice, and once said that if his kids are ever mean, he tells them they have to behave because he’s an award-winning dad!

He speaks very openly about mental health

Tom has often spoken openly about his struggles with depression and eating disorders in the past and said it was a mental health TV show that prompted him to seek professional help. He told Heatworld: “Admitting that you are in pain is the hardest part, the moment you tell someone how you feel is the most important step. I have been through a very difficult time. with depression for a long time and didn’t recognize what it was. It wasn’t until I saw a documentary that Stephen Fry had made that just described my brain, my life. before I have children, work and the group consumes me completely. “

He’s the voice of a Paw Patrol puppy

Tom Fletcher with his wife Giovanna at the Paw Patrol movie premiere

Tom Fletcher with his wife Giovanna at the Paw Patrol movie premiere. (Image credit: Getty)

Tom has worked with big names over the years, but the one that will probably impress his kids the most is the time he spent with the Paw Patrol puppies! Tom provided the voice of a puppy called Rocket in the 2021 Paw Patrol Movie as well as other celebrity names including Kim Kardashian and Ronan Keating.

Tom Fletcher’s information pack

Frequently asked questions about the musician and author …

How old is Tom Fletcher?

Tom Fletcher is 36 years old, he was born on July 17, 1985.

Is Tom Fletcher married?

Yes, Tom Fletcher married his wife Giovanna in 2012.

Does Tom Fletcher have children?

Tom Fletcher and his wife Giovanna have three boys, Buzz, Buddy and Max.

In What City Was Tom Fletcher Born?

Tom Fletcher was born in Harrow, London.

How tall is Tom Fletcher?

Tom Fletcher is 5 feet 9 inches tall.

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Twitter: @TomFletcher

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