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Tim Ward, local business owner and musician, to be inducted into Star Wall


JOHNSON CITY (WBNG) – Join the Friends of the Forum as they celebrate Tim Ward’s induction into the Star Wall.

The Wall of Stars recognizes individuals who have made significant contributions to the performing, literary and fine art communities of Broome County. Friends of the Forum treasurer Robin Alpaugh said this star wall honors local super stars in the community.

“The Star Wall started several years ago and it basically honors the super stars that we have in our community who are very talented in the arts, be it music, theater, film, we’ve had a lot of talent came from Broome County, ”says Alpaugh. “It really is a way for us to honor Tim with his own star on the wall inside the Forum.”

Tim Ward was the former owner of McGirk’s Irish Pub, a musician and music promoter who died of cancer in 2020. Ward was also a member of Broome County Celtic Pipes and Drums. Tim Ward’s daughter, Kari Bayit, said her father made many contributions to the community and loved to promote local talent.

“Tim, my dad, was a lifelong music lover, probably next to his family and close friends, his favorite kind of human was musicians,” Bayit said. “He always wanted to have music and throughout his life he owned many small businesses and his last was McGirk’s Irish Pub. It was a place where everyone from all chapters of his life could come see him and enjoy the music with him. ”

With his star on the wall, Tim Ward joins a special group of people recognized for their significant contributions to the culture and community of Greater Binghamton.

The Friends of the Forum will induct Ward into the Star Wall on October 14 at 7 p.m.

Tickets cost $ 25 per person or $ 45 per couple. Tickets can be purchased at McGirk’s Irish Pub or in line.