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These Firefly Music Festival Outfits Will Give You Fashion Inspiration



Paige Truitt, Jessica Krohe from Delaware and Trevor Sambor from Hawaii. / Photo by Suchat Pederson

Visitors to this year’s Firefly Music Festival came to party with festive outfits like bodysuits, tie-dye and lots of body glitter.

After about a year and a half of little to no live music, the Firefly Music Festival has brought a weekend of song and dance to Dover.

The Woodlands sang a celebratory tune from September 23-26, and the festival gave attendees the opportunity to dust off their best party attire. The outfits for the festival ranged from chic dresses to glamorous bodysuits and comfy tie-dye.

Festival goers accessorized their looks with butterfly wings, luminous capes, hats and metallic jewelry. The makeup helped top off the final ensemble with glitter, body jewelry, and fun lipstick shades.

No matter what look the attendees decided to wear, it was a celebration of self-expression and the happiness of being together again.

Many lined up to take photos in front of Instagram-worthy locations or with a favorite artist in the background.

The festival included headliners Billie Eilish, The Killers, Tame Impala and Lizzo, as well as other groups like Eyebawl of Delaware. The event, which typically takes place during the warmer summer months, lasted four cooler days, lending itself to a variety of different looks. Warmer afternoons turned into cooler evenings, so guests brought jackets and sweatshirts to layer.

Delaware today met with some attendees on Saturday September 25 to get a taste of some of the styles seen on the festival grounds.

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