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The Winter Blues Can Really Be Sad – Seasonal Affective Disorder | KLIN


About five percent of the American population suffers from seasonal affective disorder.

Dr David Miers is the Director of Behavioral Health at Bryan Health and tells us that this is a type of depression associated with seasonal changes. Although we see it most often now, SAD can also impact people in the spring and summer. This usually happens in the fall and continues through the winter months.

Dr Miers says, “People who live in infancy see this as the winter blues. It’s important not to ignore it because Seasonal Affective Disorder is a real thing. It is a real depression that we have to take seriously. We need to take action to keep our mood and motivation stable throughout the year. “

He says you watch your sleep patterns, eat right, and exercise. Try to get out and walk in the mall, around the house, or even outside in good weather.

Symptoms are typical of depression. Dr Miers says if you lose interest in activities, have less energy, have trouble sleeping, lose weight and don’t want to eat, feel lazy, you have trouble concentrating or if you are feeling worthless, hopeless and guilty, seek help, especially if it lasts longer than two weeks.

Treatment options may include light therapy. Dr Miers says, “This is prescribed by a psychiatrist where you get a softbox that produces a special type of light, lumens, similar to sunlight, but you are in your office or at home and you have that light on at some point. Times of Day. It makes the same chemicals in your brain as if you were in the sun or exercising. it is very effective.

Another culprit that can trigger SAD is the time change. Dr Miers says that the decrease in sunlight can affect your body clock and serotonin, which affects mood and therefore could play a role. In addition to light therapy, regular therapy and medication can help.

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