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The Waterfront Blues Festival swims “upstream”



The 2021 Waterfront Blues Festival “Upriver” kicked off Thursday night with a charity concert for Meals on Wheels People and the Jeremy Wilson Foundation featuring local blues favorite Curtis Salgado at the Lot at Zidell Yards in southeast Portland.

With the festival canceled last year due to the pandemic and Oregon just reopening earlier this week, it was unclear how this year’s festivities would compare to those of the past. While the activities, vendors, and crowd sizes allowed at the event have been reduced, the moving and cheerful atmosphere grows in a sea of ​​fenced mini lawns, many of which have been turned into mini dance floors.

Salgado, who released their new album “Damage Control” earlier this year, reveled in the band’s energy on stage, saying they missed performing live during the pandemic. “I am so grateful for all of you for coming out tonight and for everyone who organized the festival,” said Salgado. “It’s so, so good to be here again, I can’t even tell you that.”

The Waterfront Blues Festival will run until Monday July 5 and will offer two shows each day with the same programming in the afternoon from noon to 4 p.m., then again in the evening from 6 to 10 p.m. to allow more people to come. To learn more, visit Uppriver 2021 – Waterfront Blues Festival