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The “musician” dog finds a new way to play the guitar… with his tail. Watch | Tendency


The video of the “musician” dog playing the guitar with its tail was posted on Instagram and left people amused.

Videos showing the different talents of dogs are often absolutely amazing to watch. Now there’s a final video that almost fits the category but in a hilarious way. This clip shows the new way of playing the guitar of a “musician” dog. There’s a chance the video won’t just make you laugh, but also leave you saying aww.

The video was originally posted on the TikTok profile and Instagram page of a user with the handle ivan_gonick. “I play drums with my tail. We should start a band!” they wrote while sharing the video. The clip, however, caught people’s attention after it was shared by another Insta page. “And a star is born. What song should it learn next,” they wrote, reposting the clip.

The video opens to show a dog standing with his back to a guitar. The video then goes on to show the dog strumming the ropes using its tail. The video ends with the dog walking away after his impressive performance.

Take a look at the video:

The video was posted about 12 hours ago. Since sharing, the clip has racked up over 83,000 views and the numbers are only growing. The sharing also prompted people to post various comments. Some also shared how much they loved the dog’s “special” skill.

“Such a talented dog,” wrote one Instagram user. “Yeah I want his CD,” another shared. “We don’t deserve the dogs and their awesomeness,” said a third. “A special talent,” commented a fourth. Many also showed their reactions with laugh-out-loud emoticons.

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