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The High School Pop N’ Jazz Extravaganza is back


WEST HARTFORD, Conn. (WFSB) – A local high school celebrates after its students were able to take the stage after a long hiatus.

It’s been over two years since the students of Hall High School in West Hartford hosted their famous “Pops N’ Jazz Extravaganza.”

But finally, he made a triumphant return to the public this month.

Senior Simone Galm couldn’t believe it was finally happening. “To be honest, I had so many doubts, so when you finally got up there, it was surreal.”

The show, written by the students, was made up of more than 100 award-winning classmates from West Hartford.

“It’s not really a concert, it’s not really a play. It’s more of a collaboration between singers, jazz dancers and jazz bands,” explains David Gardner, senior of the Concert Jazz Band.

“We have two jazz bands in our school, and the jazz concert band is the highest level. So it’s quite difficult. If a student practices enough, they can probably get in.

Mauricio Vega is another senior who is part of the Choraliers. “Our passion that we have is really strong, and in this city, we really appreciate and are really proud of our music.”

For the students, it was a dream come true and something Mauricio had dreamed of being a part of since 3rd grade.

“It was so different from a normal choir concert or a normal school concert that any town has because it has so many different aspects to it.”

This year’s extravaganza marks its 64th year and focused on the theme of “revitalization and new beginnings”, something that was felt throughout the community.

And whether you’re sitting in the audience or on stage, the music has touched everyone equally.

“It’s an incredible experience and I’m very grateful for it,” says Simone.