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The Adviser Live: Private Lending 101: what you need to know


With the ready the landscape is changing rapidly and the risk appetite and serviceability policies are constantly changing, some borrowers are being left behind.

Join The Adviser for this free live webcast where we discuss private lending and the top private lenders that brokers need to know.

This webcast will explain how private lenders fill a void for specific borrowers, what products brokers can write through them, and how to write an agreement with a private lender.

Join us and a panel of industry experts as we delve deeper into:

  • Why are brokers turning to private lenders in today’s climate to provide solutions to their clients?
  • How do private lenders structure debt differently from other financial institutions?
  • Who is the “typical” private lender client?
  • Where do private lenders get funds from and why is it a huge advantage to finance certain scenarios?
  • When is a private lender essential in certain situations?
  • What products are generally available, what is their price and how are brokerage commissions structured?

And much more!

This webcast is live and interactive. Watch the CPD points live and have your questions answered by our main panelists!