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Tales Noir: Best Musician Builds


In Black Tales, The musicians charm enemies and allies with their beautiful and harmonious tunes. Musicians are the support and backbone of any team, whether it’s PvE (player versus enemy) or PvP (player versus player) content. The healing, shields, and buffs they provide are invaluable and are something only this class is capable of. They are also needed for the most difficult forms of content, making it easier to find groups to group together, compared to most classes.


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If healing and saving lives is fun, then the Musician is the perfect class choice. Healing may seem simple from the outside, but it is much more convoluted and complex than players expect. let’s discuss how to develop and use the skills of the musician to their full potential.

Build PvE Musician

  • Praising the melody
  • Aria
  • Concerto
  • healing melody
  • Revive

Praising the melody is a strong single target healing ability with a short cooldown. Heals should generally be used with care, but this one is an exception. This skill is great for keeping allies at top health and is primarily used for the Knight as they are usually the ones who take the most damage in a group.

Aria is probably the best skill the musician has, as it not only heals, but can simultaneously heal everyone in the party. However, that’s not all, this skill purifies all allies, which cleans them of all debuffs. This skill is perfect against bosses that constantly weaken the party, especially guild bosses.

Concerto is an excellent AoE (area of ​​effect) HoT (healing over time) skill. The cooldown is a bit long, but since it heals over time, technically the cooldown ends up being relatively short. This skill is great to use right at the start of a boss battle or before powerful AoE Boss skills. This way, musician players won’t need to panic deciding who to heal, as allies will stay relatively healthy from the HoT.

healing melody is the musician’s most powerful heal, and it also deals quite a bit of damage. However, the cooldown is extremely long and should be used with care. This skill should only be used as a last resort, or during a Boss skill window where players know they will have enough time to take this skill off cooldown. This skill can save an entire group from the brink of death by healing everyone massively, which is why it should be used, only when needed.

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Revive is an extremely great skill that can bring allies back from the dead. This skill should also be used wisely as it has a cooldown of almost 2 minutes. It would be best to only use this skill on the knight, as a group will most likely obliterate instantly if the tank is dead for an extended period of time. However, in the event that the tank appears not to die at all in this fight, it can be used on the best DPS (damage per second) member of the party. Knowing who to use this skill on can make or break a dungeon or raid.

FIRST AID is a passive kill that increases the musician’s healing on low health allies. A class that is dedicated to healing and supporting their allies will want the highest healing potential possible, and that’s what this passive helps them achieve. It has great synergy with all of the musician skills in this build, making it the perfect choice as well.

Build PvP Musician

  • Wind from the depths
  • Aria
  • healing melody
  • Strengthening Melody
  • Muse Support

Wind from the depths is one of the musician’s best damage abilities, and it also heals quite a bit. It’s also the only healing ability they can use while simultaneously moving. Learning to aim this ability is crucial as it is a channeled skill that cannot be disabled once cast and players cannot turn around to alter the skill’s trajectory while using it, they cannot than moving left or right. Players should do their best to line up with as many allies or enemies as possible before casting this skill to get the most out of it.

Aria is a strong AoE heal that clears all allies’ debuffs. This skill works wonderfully against Assassins, Knights, and Wizards, as they rely heavily on CC (crowd control) abilities in PvP to succeed.

healing melody is the strongest healing ability musicians possess and should focus more on saving up for themselves if they can. In PvP, most players will focus on taking out musicians since they have low defenses and are so influential when it comes to winning battles for their team. Activating this skill when an assassin blasts a musician can be a game-changer, giving the player’s teammates time to come and rescue them.

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Strengthening Melody provides a shield to whoever it is thrown at and should also be kept for the musician in most cases. Even though players want to heal and protect their allies, if the musician is dead, they cannot heal anyone. Knowing how to juggle the priority of everyone’s life is what makes the difference between an average Musician and a great one.

Muse Support is a passive kill that buffs the damage musicians inflict on enemies based on the number of skills used and the order in which they were used. Some skills generate soft and loud notes, depending on the combination of notes the musician has obtained during the fight, they will inflict additional damage.

FIRST AID is a passive skill that increases healing done to allies with low HP (health points). This is a great returning skill and can be used even more if players see an ally approaching the 30% HP threshold. Using heal when they’re at 31% HP will heal them normally, but waiting the extra second or two to drop them to 29% or lower is how players can get the most out of a seemingly simple passive. .

Black Tales is available on Android and IOS devices.

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