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Syracuse Jazz Fest founder calls for public funding to relaunch the festival by 2022




SYRACUSE, NY (WSYR-TV) – The Syracuse Jazz Fest had its last performance in 2017. Funding issues put an end to the fun, but festival founder Frank Malfitano now has a plan to bring it back.

“If everyone wants the jazz festival to come back, it will come back. the money is there, ”he said.

The goal for Jazz Fest‘s return is 2022, but it would cost $ 2.5 million over five years. Malfitano hopes to get help from public funds. He has a 10 page proposal heading to the offices of local leaders and hopes to find a solution to bring the music back.

The proposal outlines the types of music and events that would be featured in the Jazz Fest, with events such as lunchtime concerts, after-work concerts, food trucks, drink stations and fire pits. . The concerts would take place on multi-roofed stages and closed streets with stages, according to the proposal, and all would be paid for using the 2021-2026 five-year fund to get the festival back on its feet.

The proposed one-time 5-year fund would allow the festival to focus exclusively on restarting and re-establishing the festival, while allowing festival organizers to focus on programming and marketing and the renewed production of a class-based event. global for the region.

Extract from the Syracuse Jazz Fest proposal for Onondaga County
And Syracuse, NY

“I think we need things that bring the community together, and the jazz festival was something that brought people together in the community. It’s free and accessible to everyone. He brings a lot of musical styles. We have a proven track record of bringing people together and we need to do it again, ”said Malfitano.

The musical styles he refers to are also listed in the proposal and would include smooth jazz, soul jazz, upright jazz, fusion jazz, New Orleans jazz, big band, marching band, zydeco, Cajun, pop, soul, R&B, Americana, western swing and Latin jazz.

However, there is still a lot to discover about the festival’s rebirth. For example, the locations should be selected. Funding is also a major hurdle, but the proposal is a start.

“The interest is there on the part of the community and the artist. We hope it will also come from the public sector, ”said a hopeful Malfitano.

We will know more about the future of Jazz Fest in the coming weeks.