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Summer Blues – Whitman College Athletics


This summer, a total of 17 Whitman Blues will be spread across the country competing in summer collegiate baseball leagues.

“Playing college summer ball can be an incredible and very valuable experience for our players while also providing the opportunity to play with and against many very talented players from other programs across the country,” the coach said. -Chief Brian Kitamura.

“Coach (Conner) Lawhead has done an outstanding job coordinating summer baseball clinics for anyone who wanted to compete this summer.”

The Blues have six players who will feature in the West Coast League, including Leo Rivera, Ben Ortiz and Garrett Runyan who will all call Borleske home again this summer as they lace them up for the hometown of Walla Walla Sweets.

Leo Rivera – Walla Walla Sweets (West Coast League)

Ben Ortiz – Walla Walla Sweets (West Coast League)

Garrett Runyan – Walla Walla Sweets (West Coast League)

Ben Parker – Springfield Drifters (West Coast League)

Julien Hernandez – Springfield Drifters (West Coast League)

Beck Maguire – Yakima Valley Pippins (West Coast League)

Teague Conder–Redmond Dudes (Pacific International League)

Dustin Lennon-Jones – Redmond Dudes (Pacific International League)

Nik Greb – Redmond Dudes (Pacific International League)

Jack Bickerton – Ventura County Pirates (Sunset League)

Wyatt Adams – Spearfish Sasquatch (Independence League)

Jack Hostetler – Spearfish Sasquatch (Independence League)

Rylan Burigsay – Island Movers (Island Movers League)

Brayden Tagomori – Island Movers (Island Movers League)

Brandon Ting – Island Movers (Island Movers League)

Nate Korahais – Midwest Moos (Kansas Collegiate League)

AJ Romero – Midwest Moos (Kansas Collegiate League)

Adds Kitamura, “Having the opportunity to compete at a high level, gain experience and learn from other coaches really helps our student-athletes in their development process to become the best they can be. “