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St. Louis Blues Trading for Ben Chiarot Wouldn’t Make Sense


The St. Louis Blues are rumored to be buyers at the next trade deadline, but St. Louis should be wary of targeting Ben Chiarot.

The St. Louis Blues need to find their footing because they’ve fallen to three winnable opponents again. However, jumping the gun and trying to complete a trade for Ben Chiarot wouldn’t make much sense.

For the Blues to be real contenders for the Stanley Cup, they need to improve their defense. Unfortunately, the game ahead Jordan Binington and City Husso wasn’t good enough, and as a result, St. Louis squandered golden opportunities to stand out in the Western Conference.

St. Louis is built well enough to qualify for the playoffs, and their physicality will make them tough early in the playoffs. That’s why the Blues should be aiming for a longer-term solution rather than settling for a mid-season patch.

There are players reportedly available that could be intriguing as midseason patches, but Chiarot isn’t at the level necessary for St. Louis to trade for him. There are simply better options out there.

Chiarot has spent the past three years playing for the Montreal Canadiens after signing a three-year, $10.5 million contract in July 2019, and he still carries a cap of $3.5 million for the remainder of his term. the season.

In 51 games this season, he has seven goals, nine assists and 16 points. He has 108 points in 466 NHL games for his career between Montreal and Winnipeg. That’s to say he’s on a bad team, but in 2022 he hasn’t produced enough to be worthy of giving up a first-round pick.

Instead, the Blues must either target forwards or proven players. Aside from Jakok Chychrun, because we’ve talked about that enough, there aren’t too many players who fit the elite category or players who have a term.

It has been rumored for some time that the Dallas Stars would be willing to move John Klingbergbut with the Stars’ recent surge and the Blues’ status as division rivals, it’s not even worth making the call.

Marc Giordano is also an intriguing fit for St. Louis, although it falls into a similar category to Chiarot. The Seattle captain is playing his first season away from the Calgary Flames, who would no doubt like to see him again.

Teammate of Chairot in Montreal, Jeff Petrywould have been a player to watch if it weren’t for his awful contract that sees him into his 37th season while still hitting a cap of $6.25 million.

St. Louis’ ceiling situation leaves little room for manoeuvre, and the Blues are almost forced to give up a starter in order to make any additional contracts work. names like Marco Scandel Where Oskar Sundqvist logical from the start, but Sundqvist is an important part of the team.

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There are hardly any good options other than Chycrun in the commercial market that would make the Blues serious Cup contenders. One thing is certain, Chiarot is not the solution. Sure, he would be an improvement over what the Blues have, but he doesn’t put you above it.