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Saniul Alom Sun – One of Bangladesh’s Most Famous Authors and Musicians


Photo by Saniul Alom Soleil

success of the youngest author and musician Saniul alom Sun

I want to do something good as long as I live “

– Saniul Alom Soleil

TACOMA, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, June 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ – Saniul Alom Sun is the youngest author, writer and musician from Bangladesh. He started writing stories and nursery rhymes at the age of 15. At 20, he officially started writing books. Most of his books are in English.

Some of his notable books written in Bengali are “Asamoprem, Jannater Path, Raihan Bhai”, etc. His books in English are very popular among readers.

Among her books written in English are “Story of a Train Journey, Unequal Love, Queen of My Dream, The Game of Ignoring”. Readers appreciate his love bass books.

His books have become very popular abroad beyond the borders of the country. His book is sold as an e-book on international platforms. In addition to Smashwords, Legimi, Unicornioweb, Hoebu, Fnac, Libelli, his books are sold on many other platforms.

Readers also enjoy reading the books of their favorite authors. His books have also found a place in the popular media selling books Google Books, Amazon Books, Apple Books as ebooks. As the popularity increases, so does the demand for books.

In addition to being a writer, he is also a musician. He was greeted by the audience by singing several songs. Saniul Alom Sun made his first music with his friends in 2016. Then in 2019 he started working on YouTube. But he didn’t have any success on YouTube then. He continues to write books as well as his musical practice. He hopes to be able to offer listeners good songs in the future.

His songs are available on international music platforms. He is a verified Spotify music artist, Boomplay. In addition to Apple music, Amazonian music, Deezer has also found a place in his songs.

Young author and musician Saniul Alom Sun currently spends most of his time with music and writing. He also dreams of becoming a quality music producer and a great author.

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