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Rock ‘n’ roll musicians who love to play


Being a musician – even a professional musician – is a very difficult job in today’s society. We are just coming out of a period where artists did not have the opportunity to generate additional income through touring and concerts. Many countries still have extremely strict restrictions on who can and cannot cross their borders; we all hope things get better soon, but what’s a rock’n’roll star to do with all that free time? I wonder …

Casino loving rockers

The entertainment industry comprises a multitude of different sub-industries. Music is an obvious and huge part of entertainment that seems to go hand in hand with gaming. It’s not just musicians either – actors, comedians and sportsmen all seem drawn to the fun and excitement of live casino sessions. Sure, these celebrities might have more money than they know what to do with, but we suspect the attraction runs much deeper than that.

Let’s check out some of the biggest acts in Rock’N’Roll with a love for the live casino:

Paul Daniel aka Ace Frehley

Paul, aka Spaceman, was one of the original founders of KISS, a legendary American band that formed in 1973 and still plays gigs to this day. Ace served as lead guitarist for the band’s first nine years but left in 1982 over “creative differences”.

A wave of KISS nostalgia in the mid-1990s led to the original line-up reuniting for a highly successful reunion tour. Frehley didn’t last long, however, and was later replaced by Eric Singer.

Outside of the music scene, the rock star has a reputation for being an exceptionally strong poker player. Frehley also lives in Las Vegas – handy for someone who loves the thrill of gambling. Ace has also been spotted playing casino games on numerous occasions, although this is something he has yet to discuss publicly.


Lemmy was the founding member of legendary British band MOTÖRHEAD which disbanded in 2015 following the death of Ian Kilmister – AKA Lemmy. The band has been in the news for the past few weeks because of lead guitarist Phil Campbell announcing plans to hold a tour in Lemmy’s honor.

During this tour, Phil Campbell will perform with his band “Phil Campbell & The Bastard Sons” playing many of MOTÖRHEAD’s greatest hits. Eight dates have been confirmed so far, two of which have already sold out, so there could be a possibility that more dates will be added.

Lemmy’s love of casino games has always been well known – it is said that when he was not writing or playing he could often be found at the Rainbow Bar and Grill in Los Angeles, playing video slots located around the bar. Normally we wouldn’t mention a dead rocker in a list like this, but Lemmy was so influential in the American rock scene that we just have to mention him.

Salvatore “Sully” Erna

What about celebrities and poker? We suspect the draw is likely because poker combines skill and luck, unlike many other casino games. Nevertheless, most celebrities who like to play poker seem to like the game of blackjack as well. Salvatore Erna founded a rock band named Godsmack in 1995, filling venues everywhere they went and churning out no less than seven high quality studio albums. Salvatore also experimented with a solo career at one point, but it failed to achieve the same level of success as his earlier work with Godsmack.

Sully is famous for being involved in one of the biggest coolers in poker history – the hand was so sick the rocker even got a tattoo, signifying how no justice there is in the game. poker. Sully held four aces, but correctly read his opponent who was holding a royal flush. We couldn’t even begin to calculate the odds of such an event happening. Was it cool enough to make Sully quit poker? Hard to say. He hasn’t broached the subject since, although he perhaps prefers to remain silent?

Ian Scott

To end with another rocker who likes to display his love of the game, Scott Ian is the type of guitarist who joins a jam session and immediately finds a hook to build a song around. A real musical talent without question, as evidenced by the records of his group Anthrax, but what is less known is that he also mastered the art of card counting.

While the rest of us can expect to be “set back” if we sit down at the blackjack table counting cards, celebrities like Scott Ian have it easy, if we’re being honest. How many casinos will turn down a player who could spend hundreds of thousands of dollars on a single trip?