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Rob Halford is having a lot of fun making his first solo blues album


Rob halford says he’s having “a lot” of fun working on his first solo blues album. The JUDAS PRIEST the singer collaborates with the same team that assisted him during the realization of his Christmas LP 2019 “Celestial”including his brother Nigel and his nephew Alexis (son of PRIEST bass player Ian hill).

Talk to All-metal jackiethe nationwide radio program, Halford said about his upcoming blues record (as transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET): “The blues is just a vast landscape of different styles and subgenres and everything, kinda like metal. And so I’m really intrigued and excited by how this blues album is going to turn out. You might have – to be heard that we have prepared the basic building blocks. I just need to find the time to put my own work into the project.

“It just came from the great experience I had with my brother Nigel to the battery and Alexis, nephew, on bass – Ian hillthe son of – and our respective friends [who are] the musicians.

“It’s just a lot of fun,” he continued. “Everything should have that fun element. It’s an adventure again, like everything in music. And as long as you have a good time and something substantial comes out of it, then go for it, as they say in the UK. Uni and that’s what we do.

“It’s going to be an interesting record because we’re going to try to touch on a lot of different blues experiences; it won’t be a specific sounding track after track after track. We’re going to try to go everywhere and mix them up.

“So like I always say, it’ll be ready when it’s ready. [Laughs]”

Last May, Halford Recount Kyle meredith that he already had “enough material to make a [blues] record. ”He added,“ The only thing I threw at the guys was do whatever you feel you want to do in terms of ideas. I gave them a list of some of my favorite blues styles and blues performers as a little model that guys can bounce on. “

Rob reiterated that his next blues album will be a varied effort spanning a multitude of different styles and sounds. “You could go to a specific area and stay there and focus [on that and make] small subtle changes here and there, but much like the ‘Celestial’ album, I think that effort should just be a little texture of all the tastes of all these different blues flavors, “he explained to Kyle meredith.

As to how his lyrical approach will be different for his blues album compared to the songs he writes for? PRIEST, Halford Said: “The blues is the blues. We all feel the blues, but you can have the happy blues as well as the sad blues, and you can have all these characters in the blues. The story opportunities for some of them them, similar to the PRIEST fancy inventions, like the Sentinel or the Pain killer or one of those great people that have been created. You can play your lyrics wherever you want if they connect to the music.

“Messages in music are vital because we love to hear stories that we can relate to or relate to, in reality or in fantasy,” he continued. “So it’s going to be an adventure for me. I like to sit down with a pencil and a piece of paper, because that’s how I do it, and I just think. I have an idea, and I instantly throws a few words., and that’s how the seeds start to grow. “

Few years ago, Rob said of his interest in making a blues record: “When I became a musician in my late teens, I began to hear the extraordinary roots of the blues – Bessie smith, Little Walter, Howling wolf, Muddy waters. They gave me the buzz… It’s something I want to do because I want to explore what my voice can do in this wonderful world. This is how I learned to do a lot of this hover, sweep and scream. And also I found out that I have a voice that can go in different octaves, directions and different types of projections. It’s a combination of a sense of adventure and just being inspired by these guys, these wonderful singers. It’s a mix of everything but above all a discovery of what the voice can do. “

Back in 2015, Halford Recount Newsday.com that he was interested in recording a blues album and pursuing other non-heavy metal projects because he wanted to find out what his voice can do. He said: “I have always felt that [the blues is] a big part of my background and my musical roots. I don’t know what kind of blues album I could make cause there are so many different sides [to explore]. Maybe I’ll just mix it up. When it comes to stuff that comes out of the metal world, I’m a fan of people like Michel Bublé and Michael Feinstein. I have always been a fan of [Frank] Sintra and Tony Bennett and Elvis [Presley]. I would love to hear what my voice would sound like in that kind of musical mix, with wind instruments, trumpets and saxophone, piano, just that big band sound. “

Halford attributed his vocal versatility and ability to take his voice in “different directions” as the main reason he was “so interested in trying these other opportunities”. He said: I think if I had a voice that was different than it is and that was a little more focused on one point, maybe I wouldn’t be so adventurous with my ideas. But because my voice is capable of doing these different things, it’s instinctive and natural to see what else I can do. “

Halford published his autobiography, “Confess”, in September 2020 via Hachette Books.

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