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Revisiting the 2021 Marlins’ bold predictions on Jazz, Conine and more



Reflecting on the following FAT Marlins predictions made by Ely Sussman and Aram Leighton ahead of the 2021 regular season:

  1. Trevor Rogers finishes in the top three in the NL Rookie of the Year vote (Aram)
  2. Anthony Bender leads the Marlins in saves (Ely)

  3. Corey Dickerson wins NL All-Star (Aram)
  4. Marlins’ defense ranks No.1 in Major League Baseball (Ely)
  5. Pablo Lopez ranks in the top five in NL (Aram) earned runs average
  6. Pablo López receives votes for NL Cy Young (Ely) award
  7. Marlins pitching staff top three on NL team’s earned-run average (Aram)
  8. Jazz Chisholm Jr. hits 20+ home runs (Ely)

  9. Griffon Conine Wins Marlins Minor League Player of the Year (Aram)
  10. Kameron Misner wins Marlins Minor League Player of the Year (Ely)

Enjoy episode 135!

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  1. Rogers has been a finalist in the NL ROY slam-dunk since June. He doubts to win the prize due to missed time and reduced efficiency down the home stretch, but the All-Star southpaw is expected to come in second behind Jonathan India of Cincinnati.
  2. Bender has also set up a strong recruiting campaign (2.63 ERA, 3.22 FIP, 0.4 WPA in 54.2 IP). Sadly, he didn’t get the chance to claim the role of closer, buried behind veterans Anthony Bass, Yimi García and Dylan Floro. He enters Friday with just three saves (García compiled 15 before being traded).
  3. Dickerson’s rate stats in 2021 are eerily, sadly similar to those we released in 2020. With reduced power he’s more or less a replacement level player and the Marlins saw him as expendable when Jesús Sánchez made its way to the active list.
  4. Even the most charitable analysis of the Marlins’ defense wouldn’t place them in the top 10 teams in the MLB. Swapping Starling Marte and Adam Duvall definitely hurt, as did Brian Anderson’s extended absence. Jorge Alfaro and Jazz Chisholm Jr. were worse than I expected in this aspect of the game. Garrett Cooper too.
  5. López was arguably having the best season of his career until rotator cuff strain got in his way.
  6. Same
  7. The Marlins’ pitch has been above average by NL standards. However, they’re not in the same stratosphere as the Dodgers, Giants, and Brewers.
  8. Chisholm has toured 15 times. There are only 16 games left. It sounds like a miss.
  9. While Conine struggled with the transition to Double-A, her 36 HR and .860 OPS are worthy of a price. The only Marlins prospects who could potentially steal the material from him are Troy Johnston and Peyton Burdick.
  10. Misner took a few months for everything to “click” for him. He’s clearly, in my opinion, a better bet for success in the majors than Conine, but his stats this year – 12 HR, 26 SB, .788 OPS – put him on the outside watching the minor league player. Marlins. Conversation of the year.

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