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Red Bluff musician Chad Bushnell featured in KIXE documentary – Red Bluff Daily News


RED BLUFF — Country singer and Red Bluff native Chad Bushnell will collaborate with KIXE PBS this month for a pre-screening of “Chad Bushnell: Northstate Roots,” a KIXE-created documentary about the country music star.

After watching KIXE Channel 9 and noticing local promotion on the channel, Bushnell was inspired to have his own feature to further promote his name during the difficult times of the pandemic.

“I actually approached KIXE when COVID hit and all of my shows were canceled because I wanted to find a way to keep my name,” Bushnell said. “My momentum was starting to stall with my Christian country music because of COVID, so I knew I had to find something to do.”

The documentary follows Bushnell, detailing how he balances his dedication to music and family in the Upstate.

“I sing different songs in the documentary and describe how I wrote them,” Bushnell said. “There’s a lot of different footage shown, like my parents and people I know around Redding and Red Bluff, so I’m excited for people to see that.”

The documentary comes in unison with the release of Bushnell’s new song “Outa Style,” which was released on February 4. The country singer used the new song to showcase his range of talents by giving it a modern country twist, a contrast to his traditional Christian-style music.

“We had a three-part harmony on the song, which kind of gave it a fuller sound than my previous ones,” Bushnell said. “It was great to see how the song came together and came out, pretty country as I had hoped.”

Bushnell plans to record the rest of his album in Texas in March and release it in June or July.

To find out when the documentary will air, visit https://www.kixe.org/ or call 243-5493.

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