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Quick double helps Bantry Blues see Iveleary


TWO goals midway through the second half proved crucial in helping the Bantry Blues secure their final PIFC County spot after that thrilling win over Iveleary on Saturday afternoon.

The Blues led by one point before two goals from Dara McCarthy and Arthur Coakley in 60 seconds put them five points clear after 42 minutes.

Iveleary, who showed great character and contributed immensely to a thrilling game, scored four successive points to reduce the deficit to one in the 56th minute.

Bantry, however, finished strong and took the win when Arthur Coakley scored his second goal in the 57th minute after a fine run from Ruairi Deane.

Both teams deserve praise for serving up a brilliant game that was rich in quality and contained the best players from both teams.

Bantry largely inspired by their captain Ruairi Deane who scored five points from the game in the first half was shaken up in the third minute when Sean O’Riordan scored a superb goal for Iveleary. The two teams continued to trade scores and were tied at the break 1-6 at 0-9.

The second half started in the same vein, but McCarthy and Coakley’s two goals within a minute proved crucial to propel the Blues to victory.

Bantry Blues will now face Kanturk in the county final.

Bantry Blues scorers: A Coakley 2-3 (2f), R Deane 0-5, D McCarthy 1-1, P Cronin 0-3 (1f), S O’Leary 0-1.

Scorers for Iveleary: C Og Jones 0-4 (1f), S O’Riordan 1-0, C O’Leary 0-3 (1f), L Kearney, B O’Leary 0-2 each, B Cronin 0-1 f, SO’ Leary 0-1 scores, C Galvin 0-1, T Roberts, D O’Donovan 0-1 each.

Bantry Blues: S Murray; Thornton S, Cronin T, O’Brien C; E Minihane, B Foley, E O’Shea; S O’Leary, D McCarthy; S Keevers, K Coakley, D Murray; P Cronin, R Deane, A Coakley.

Subtitles: C Power for E O’Shea (inj 7), K Casey for D Murray (30), D Daly for K Coakley (50).

Ivelear: J Creedon; D O’Donovan, C O’Riordan, D O’Riordan; Manning K, Galvin C, Roberts T; S O’Leary, S O’Riordan; C O’Leary, C Og Jones, B Cronin, B O’Leary, I Jones, L Kearney.

Subtitles: J O’Donovan for I Jones (50), A O’Donovan for L Kearney (55), S Lehane for D O’Donovan (60), L O’Sullivan for T Roberts (60), D O’Sullivan for B O’Leary (60).

Arbitrator: Alan O’Connor (Ballygarvan).