Home Music festival Ping-pong pigeons host horn section Jason Hann plus at North Beach Music Festival [Photos/Video]

Ping-pong pigeons host horn section Jason Hann plus at North Beach Music Festival [Photos/Video]

Ping-pong pigeons host horn section Jason Hann plus at North Beach Music Festival [Photos/Video]


Pigeons playing ping pong staged his headlining performance at North Beach Music Festival Friday night. The long one-setter has seen sit-in appearances of The horn section, Jason hann (The string cheese incident), Alric “AC” Carter (TAUK), and Joey porter (Le Motet).

Members Greg Ormont (guitar / voice), Jeremy Schon (guitar), Ben carrey (bass), and Alex Petropulos (battery) took the Bandshell North Beach on stage as a quartet, kicking off the set with a short and upbeat entry, “Yo Soy Fiesta”. Located on the sandy shores of Miami, FL’s North Beach, Pigeons continued with ocean themes, launching themselves into the uplifting “Poseidon”, before filling the crowd’s cups with “Water”.

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A more recent track, “Move Like That”, followed and saw the first sit-in of the evening. Jason Hann of The String Cheese Incident joined PPPP on percussion for this one, and stuck around for an ever-long tale of the band’s “Upfunk” Psychology album. Ormont then led the group in their most recent track, “Let The Boogie Out”, without percussion, before AC joined the group on the sidelines for an extended “Sunny Day”.

Pigeons playing ping pong with Alric “AC” Carter – “Sunny Day” [Partial] – 12/10/21

[Video: VinylAnimylProd]

The horn section (Formerly from Turkuaz) was on stage when Carter left, and will stay there for the rest of the evening. With the full compliments of saxophone and trumpet, the now seven-track piece made its way into “King Kong” before a sequel led to a shoot. Stevie Wonder‘s “Signed, sealed, delivered (I am yours)”. Wonder’s cover eventually found its way into “King Kong,” which ended the set. Pigeons and The Horn Section returned for a two-song encore, the first of which, “FU,” featured Joey Porter on the keys. Finally, the group ended with a song about an old friend from Baltimore, “Doc”.

Below, check out a full list of the performance and scroll down for a gallery of images, courtesy of the photographer DubEra. Plus, stay tuned for Live for live musicFull weekend recap of all the festivities going on at the North Beach Music Festival.

Pigeons Playing Ping Pong recently announced an extended 2022 tour, which will start on January 14 at The Fillmore in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. The group also announced the return of their three-day festival, Domefest, which will take place at Valley of Legends in Thornville, OH May 19-21. Head over to the band’s website for a full list of tour dates and more information.

Setlist [via Phantasy Tour]: Pigeons playing ping-pong | North Beach Music Festival | Miami, Florida | 12/10/21

Together: Yo Soy Fiesta, Poseidon, Water, Move like this [1], Upfunk [1], Let the Boogie Out, Sunny Day [2], King Kong [3] > Signed, sealed, delivered (I’m yours) (Stevie Wonder) [3] > King Kong [3]

Again: FU [3][4], Doc [3]


[1] with Jason Hann

[2] with Alric “AC” Carter

[3] with the horn section

[4] with Joey Porter