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Our Blues Season 1 Episode 9 Recap



A slower episode that reveals more about the characters, instead of advancing the plot.

This recap of Our Blues season 1, episode 9, “Deong-seok and Seon-a 2”, contains spoilers. Check out our thoughts on the previous episode by clicking on these words.

We begin with a worn-out In-gwon slowly walking towards his house, where he encounters a Ho-sik waiting for him. However, he does not wish to fight and therefore sends his former friend away. However, this does not deter the ex-player, and he enters In-gwon’s house so he can kneel down as an apology. Thus, the two drink together, compensating for shared resentment towards those who have pointed the finger at their children (which includes themselves), while coming to terms with their common fate as in-laws. With that in mind, it looks like Hyun and Young-joo will be allowed to have their baby without more confrontation.

Our Blues Season 1 Episode 9 Recap

After selling his wares to the elders, Dong-seok drives along the deserted roads singing happily. There’s also some time for reflection, when he finds himself reminiscing about the time he stuck up for Seon-a at an internet cafe, in addition to the brutal beatings he took before trading milk for chocolate with his future love and their bike. ride in the rain. It’s a sweet collection of moments, one that punctuates their once sweet relationship quite unlike the one they have today.

At the motel, Dong-seok knows about Seon-a’s strange actions, thanks to the talkative owner who constantly worries about the suicidal woman staying at his house. This surprises the salesman, who checks for signs of another death attempt, before rushing to find him in the pouring rain. During the search, we get a flashback to the abusive house Seon-a lived in and see how Dong-seok was a source of solace for the youngster who grew up in torment. Moreover, it’s clear that the fighter has also received his share of solace, as he is completely ignored by his family and is happy to take beatings in the hopes that it will draw attention, so genuine relationships are valued.

In the present, Seon-a returns Dong-seok’s phone call, sharing his location with the man who is already there. So they meet, again with a flashback playing in between (this time with Dong-seok battling his tormentors, and a man he thinks slept with his love interest, with a Seon-a staring at the police ), until the salesman abruptly leaves, happy to seek answers about his memories over the phone instead. Quickly, things escalate, with Dong-seok telling the person he loves so dearly to silently kill themselves if they consider doing so, while also wondering why Seon-a had to come back to Jeju in the first place.

Armed with the answer to Dong-seok’s questions, he returns to Seon-a’s old house, ready to hear them. First, we find out that she wanted to sleep with someone else because she didn’t want to ask him to ruin her, as she also liked Dong-seok. So, knowing he would have declined the offer, Seon-a approached another suitor.. Elsewhere, Young-ok and Jung-joon talk about whether she’s lying, her offer to go on a trip as a couple, and testing the waters to see if trust can be earned. Until they are interrupted by a mini flash mob, which is ready to dance and congratulate the new couple.

Back at Dong-seok, he discovers that Seon-a didn’t sleep with his friend, as there was an element of fear in doing the deed. We also find out that she didn’t call the police when he got involved in the brutal fight the next day, and that it was all just to scare him into stopping his violent acts. Of course, there’s more intrigue, with Dong-seok wondering why Seon-a would want to ruin her life at the age of 14. The answer was because she wanted to scare her father into coming to his senses, and as the two continue to talk, the affection the salesman has for his old friend is clear.

As the couple walk along the coast watching the sunrise, they speak candidly about Seon-a’s depression, as well as her father’s suicide that took place before her eyes. She’s surprised at his comfort level talking about such things, but agrees that maybe it’s because she’s discussing it with Dong-seok. The seller isn’t the most understanding, but is happy to share the story of leaving Jeju, determined never to return.

Cursing her friend’s ex-husband for not being able to handle his depression, Dong-seok makes Seon-a laugh in his visceral divorce comments, before teaching her a lesson on how to swear insultingly. It works, as Seon-a screams vehemently in the air for her son to be returned as the salesman walks away to leave her alone.

Meanwhile, Dong-seok’s mother finds herself coughing up blood, as Jung-joon begs one of the elders about Young-ok’s professional status. Elsewhere, a happy Hyun and Young-joo discuss their joy at being able to have their baby, their pseudo-marriage, and the fact that the future father now has a full-time job.

The end

As they share manual labor at Seon-a’s old house, Dong-seok reflects on her former love for him, in addition to her convenience in the way she treats people. She also begins to reflect on Dong-seok’s love, in due course, wondering if she was the only woman for him in his life. There is a nugget here, that Seon-a plans to live in this house with her child after the custody trial next week. She is adamant that she will not lose the battle, adamantly refusing to accept any potential defeat. Watching in awe, Dong-seok admits that Seon-a is driving him crazy at the end of the episode.

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*Rating 4/5 – A slower episode that reveals more about the characters, instead of advancing the plot. *