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One goal for every Utah Jazz starter after All-Star break


Utah Jazz Center Rudy Gobert (Jayne Kamin-Oncea-USA TODAY Sports)

The Utah Jazz have had a strong 2021-22 season so far. It just so happens that the goals of this organization go a little beyond the solid. The Jazz have championship ambitions, and they don’t quite look like a contender yet.

They had bad luck. A string of injuries led to a brutal stretch in January. Every team in the National Basketball Association will struggle to win games without their best players on the court.

Either way, the championship contenders aren’t looking for excuses. Their job is to make improvements to maximize their ability to deal with difficult situations.

Here’s one improvement every Utah Jazz starter could make to achieve team goals.

Utah Rudy Gobert Jazz Center: Reduce Turnover

If you’re surprised that turnovers are even an issue for the Utah Jazz bigman, you’re not alone.

Gobert commits 1.8 turnover per contest. It’s not necessarily a huge amount, but it’s high for a center. Indeed, his Turnover % (TO%) of 16.4 ranks in the 25th percentile among centers.

It’s not ideal. It’s especially unfortunate given Gobert’s role on this Utah Jazz team. Typically, he is a low-use offensive player who shoots most of his baskets from pick and roll sets, ending in dunks.

On a closely related note, his 71.1% shooting from the field is quite outrageous. He beats the whole league. Gobert is an extremely efficient player of whom the Jazz should have some valuable complaints.

Still, cutting his turnovers would make this Utah Jazz offense even more reliable.