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Musician Kabir Suman demands apology from Republic TV reporter


CALCULATED: National award-winning singer, musician and lyricist Kabir Suman has demanded an apology from a journalist for allegedly using abusive language against the scribe.

Suman wrote a lengthy Facebook post asking for an apology from the reporter.

“I thought that the abuse of a fellow citizen on the telephone is an abominable act in the eyes of civil society. It didn’t work at all. Nothing came of it, but a lot of people got angry and excited. Since there is the Covid-19 problem and I don’t want to make it worse. So, I apologize to the journalist, BJP, RSS and Bengalis,” Suman said in his social media post.

“If there is anyone else I need to apologize to, please contact me – I will beg my head down for forgiveness,” he added.

“If anyone thinks I’m scared and apologizing, please think about it. I’m weak and unable to do anything and so I abused the reporter. If I was strong and capable, I would not have been abused. Our ancestors who drove the Britons out of the country did not mistreat them because they were strong and had the courage to change. I have not and I abuse it so,” singer Suman said.

Insisting that he could not accept the way Sandhya Mukhopadhyay was humiliated by presenting her with the Padma Shri award, the former TMC MP said: “I want to assure law enforcement authorities that I will keep silent from now on.

On Saturday, the BJP’s state unit filed a police complaint against Kabir Suman, allegedly for using abusive language against a Republic TV reporter who asked him for his reaction on a particular issue.

Suman, who was even unfazed on Saturday night, suddenly wrote a Facebook post asking for an apology.