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Musician Ashe Emphasizes Giving Grace to Herself in Concert and SPA Talk


Singer-songwriter Ashe, best known for her song “Moral of the Story,” performed and addressed students at Alumni Hall on Thursday as a guest of the Student Programming Association (SPA) for honor Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

The event, themed “Everyone Knows Someone,” was co-sponsored by the SPA and the Gender Equity Center.

Ashe opened the talk by talking about what Domestic Violence Awareness Month means to her and emphasized giving herself grace when it comes to the tough stuff.

“This month is all about awareness and inclusion for me, and maybe we’ll even listen to each other a little more,” Ashe said. “Knowing that you are not alone is the most important thing.”

After that, she moved on to her first song of the night, “Love is Letting Go,” which is a new single from her unreleased album, “Rae.”

Alyssa Wagner | forward state

The song addresses his brother’s struggle with addiction, but has an underlying message about letting go of something that’s no longer good for you.

“It’s kind of like a disease, and there’s a lot of self-loathing that goes with it and a lot of insecurity, and you never believe you’re good enough to come out,” Ashe said.

The conversation also touched on the many signs of an abusive relationship and the importance of helping victims who are trying to get out of domestic violence situations.

“We are not weak. What you need to know about a domestic violence survivor is that they’re not some frail, weak human being who couldn’t handle their life,” Ashe said.

Alyssa Wagner | forward state

Ashe moved on to another song, “Till Forever Falls Apart”. The ballad is the opposite of some of his other works, and this one highlighted positive relationships and more specifically friendships.

The final bits of the conversation focused on the need for validation and how to work towards a place where survivors of domestic violence can find themselves in healthy relationships.

Ashe wrapped up the event with her signature song, “Moral of the Story,” before wrapping up the event.

His second album, “Rae”, is out Friday, October 14.

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