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Meet world-renowned composer, film producer and musician, Kurt Rosenberg


Kurt Rosenberg is a prolific songwriter and producer known for his original song “Highland Home”. Kurt was born in Roseburg, Oregon, but moved to Portland when he was 2 years old.

Kurt’s love for music was first ignited by his parents; his mother played the soundtrack to “My Fair Lady” while cooking dinner and his father always had classical music playing while they dined. The ‘Oregonian’ went to Pitzer College in Southern California after graduating from high school and then enrolled in the University of Bath’s semester abroad program in England.

At 12, Kurt learned to play the piano and started writing songs in high school. Around this time he started listening to Celtic music from Scotland and Ireland. This growing exposure to Celtic music was one of the reasons he wanted to go abroad to the University of Bath. He continued to live in Bath for a further five months and traveled frequently to Scotland. His love of Scotland inspired him to write “Highland Home”, calling it his “love letter to Scotland”.

“Highland Home is about wanting to come home, to return to a place that fulfills us and brings us joy. I hope that people, no matter where they come from, will feel the universal call of ‘a place called ‘home’.

His musical creation process begins with finding what he calls his “musical moment”. He will sit down at his piano and start playing. If he is lucky, a new melody will stand out from him. He repeats it and repeats it until he has memorized it. He will then arrange the music and decide which particular instruments would best suit the melody. If he decides he wants to make the melody into a song, then he will start developing the lyrics. This was exactly his process when he made “Highland Home”.

Kurt’s love for music goes beyond listening to it and creating it: “Each piece of my music conveys a different emotion, thought or message. I want to compose melodies that touch people and are memorable. My dream is to hear people sing or hum one of my songs after hearing it in a movie or on TV. It would be so gratifying!

“Highland Home” was recently made into a film, which Kurt produced, and has been selected for live screening in countries around the world. But, because of Covid-19, the film went to online screenings, and his team sadly missed the chance to see it screened live at those festivals. Kurt says Covid-19 has been one of the biggest challenges of his career, along with battling skin cancer. “It’s unpredictable and can prevent me from going out to see/hear how my projects are doing with the public.”

Highlights of Kurt’s career include composing and producing the film “Highland Home”, which was selected by many prestigious film festivals. The film was selected by the Cleveland International Film Festival, the Oxford Short Film Festival and the Worldfest Houston International Film Festival. Kurt has also won a number of awards, including a Platinum Remi Award from the World-Fest, a Director’s Choice Award from the Santa Barbara International Fine Arts Film Festival, and the Best Music Video award from the International Film Festival. Jane Austen of Bath, and the award for best lyrics. at the International Music Video Awards (London, England).

Kurt hopes to become internationally known as an accomplished film composer/producer, particularly in Britain and Ireland. His long-term goal is to become “the greatest composer/songwriter in the world who brings melody back to music”.

Kurt is a member of the Scott Scotland clan and the Scottish Music Industry Association (SMIA), and patron of Scottish Heritage USA. Future projects include refining the music and lyrics for his original musical “For the Lack of Laura” and producing a music video for “The Moon Followed Me to Falmouth”, a song reminiscent of old carols from sailors from the British Isles.