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Meet a Musician: J Timber’s Musical Foundation Started With His Parents’ Musical Choices | Entertainment


It took off and friends bonded, and I ended up being an auxiliary man for whatever was needed for touring bands.

What are your musical inspirations?

Bob Marley is a big one, just so he’s able to wrap such a powerful message with great music.

My dad was born in 1935 so a lot of my musical education was what he listened to … My mom is Colombian so that’s a huge influence on me Latin music not just Colombian vallenato but merengue and cumbia and salsa. It’s cool now that I’m older to take inventory of my knowledge, and cool to be able to shoot all these nuggets.

How would you describe your music?

This is a question I have been asking myself for all this time. I love music so much, from classic compositions to bubblegum pop songs. I like it all. But personally I feel that from where I’m sitting, vocally, I’m always going to have a raspy side, a very John Legend-esque feel with a rock’n’roll, R&B, soul undertone. I would like to say that if Lenny Kravitz and John Legend had a baby, it would be me. So consciously or unconsciously, that’s what it ended up being.

What is your creative process?

It’s spontaneous. Fortunately, I was able to devote my life to music, so everyday I work. Right now I’m in my room, and I hear my fan, and I hear how it swings, and it can trigger a song, just the click of the mechanism. Or the way you hear a clock strike. Usually, for me, it starts in rhythm. I’ll be in the car and turn on my turn signal – knock knock, knock knock – and I’m like, “OK, so now I hear something from over there.” “