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Maritime Blue wins $ 500,000 for cleaner transportation



The illustrations show the Fast Foil Ferry designed by Bieker Boats and Glosten. (Image via Maritime Blue)

Maritime Blue, a Washington state public-private coalition focused on environmentally friendly technologies for the marine industry, received $ 500,000 in the first stage of a federally funded cleantech challenge.

Sixty finalists were selected nationally to take the next step in the Regional challenge Build back better, supported by the Economic Development Administration of the US Department of Commerce. Maritime Blue is the only finalist from Washington State.

Maritime Blue will use its $ 500,000 award to help integrate Washington State’s Blue Economy Cluster and commercialize new technologies aimed at decarbonizing heavy transportation and reducing carbon emissions.

Examples of such technologies include a electrically powered passenger hydrofoil ferry which is designed by Glosten and Bieker Boats for Kitsap Transit; and a system for the distribution, storage and use of hydrogen that relies on renewable energies instead of fossil fuels.

In the next phase of the regional challenge, Maritime Blue will prepare a final proposal to be submitted to the Economic Development Authority by next March. This proposal, and others submitted by the challenge finalists, will be considered for implementation funding of up to $ 100 million.

“This is an incredible achievement for the Maritime Blue team and all coalition members and partners involved in the Build Back Better efforts,” Lisa Brown, Director of the Washington State Department of Commerce, said in a press release. “As the Maritime Blue-led consortium moves into the final stages, we are proud to see Washington State’s commitment to building a clean energy future and a recognized blue economy, especially because it shows the potential of our emerging innovation cluster strategy. “

From partners in Maritime Blue are companies such as Janicki Industries and First Mode, research institutes such as the Pacific Northwest National Laboratory and the Applied Physics Laboratory at the University of Washington, and public entities such as the Washington State Department of Commerce and the Port from Seattle.

Based in Seattle First mode is an engineering company known to focus on space missions, but it also works on hydrogen-based power systems for vehicles, including ore transport trucks and desert racing cars.

“First Mode is proud to bring its expertise in the development of zero emission vehicles to Maritime Blue,” Rhae Adams, chief operating officer of the company, told GeekWire. “With abundant hydroelectric power, the Pacific Northwest is a prime location for decarbonization projects, from railways and ferries to green hydrogen production and port operations. “

Adams said the selection of Maritime Blue as a finalist in the Build Back Better Regional Challenge “is a clear message that the Pacific Northwest is at the heart of the United States’ efforts to create a sustainable future for generations to come. “.