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Marble launches new partnership with Citadel Mortgages offering its credit rebuilding products: Score-Up and Fast-Track


Vancouver, BC – TheNewswire – June 17, 2020 – Marble Financial Inc. (CSE: MRBL) (CNSX:MRBL.CN) (OTC:MRBLF) (“Marble” or the “Company”), a fintech company empowering Canadians to have a positive financial future, is pleased to announce its strategic partnership with Citadel Mortgages, providing its clients with the exclusive Marble, Score-Up and Fast-Track credit rebuilding features.

Marble, a leader in financial technology solutions, partners with Citadel Mortgages, one of the largest full-service mortgage brokerages with professional mortgage agents and mortgage brokers serving the entire Greater Toronto Area and surrounding communities in Ontario, Canada. Introducing Score-Up and Fast-Track to Citadel’s existing and continuing customer base presents a new growth channel to enable more underserved Canadians to become financially literate and mortgage free faster.

Due to the economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic and an expected decline in real estate prices, Canada Mortgage and Housing Corporation (CMHC) recently announced changes to its mortgage loan insurance, which will result in stricter lending practices. The new minimum credit scores will be 680, down from 600 and recent data from Equifax showing that only 14% of the entire mortgage market is above that threshold. These data show the likelihood of a clear trend towards stricter lending criteria and expanded requirements. Full-service mortgage providers such as Citadel, which offer a suite of programs and services that help customers achieve their financial goals, can further empower Canadians below these thresholds to take control of their mortgage situation. credit to a more positive financial future with Marble’s credit rebuilding solutions.

This partnership will use Citadel’s multitude of resources and tools to help identify users who are currently ineligible for a Citadel mortgage plan due to poor credit or active consumer proposals. Marble can now reach a new demographic of Canadians who need to actively rebuild their credit score to achieve the financial goal of buying a new home or becoming mortgage free sooner. The inclusion of Marble’s Score-Up and Fast-Track products in Citadel Mortgages will allow Canadians to have a positive impact on their creditworthiness and present additional opportunities to qualify for other Citadel Mortgage products in the future.

“As a mortgage brokerage, we have always taken great pride in and focus on meeting and exceeding all of our clients’ needs,” said Citadel Mortgages CEO Tristan Kirk. “A key part of this engagement has been having in-depth conversations with clients about credit, how it works in general and in relation to their individual circumstances. In some cases, it also leads to conversations about how they can increase their score as well as improve their overall creditworthiness to be a more attractive borrower in any loan situation. To enhance our already strong foundation in customer credit counseling, we have partnered with Marble Financial Inc, who have developed tools that provide a clean and easy-to-navigate consumer-facing web-based solution that helps provide a consumer education, the majority of whom have little or no knowledge of how credit and credit scores work. The tool provides practical steps to guide all buyers; especially first-time home buyers to ensure their credit is in good standing so we can help them realize their dream of home ownership. »

“At Citadel Mortgages, we stay by your side on your journey home and Marble Financial improves the process of putting all clients on the right path. It also allows us, as an organization, to have another avenue for future client engagement, ensuring that we build deep-rooted relationships given this and other value-added services we provide. We are very excited about what the future holds with this new partnership. continues Tristan Kirk.

“When buying a home, lenders consider credit score as an indication of the creditworthiness and level of financial responsibility of the potential buyer. Credit score often becomes the most important criteria for the lender to determine the risk of lending to an individual. So, for most Canadians, credit score ends up being the difference between getting approved for a mortgage or getting rejected outright.” explains Karim Nanji, CEO of Marble. “In many other cases where an approval is granted, the credit score has an impact on the rate and terms of the mortgage – meaning that a higher credit score reflects a lower interest rate and / or more flexible payment deadline. Low or poor credit scores more than often marginalize many Canadians from the home buying process.

“Partnering with Citadel Mortgages provides a fantastic opportunity for Marble to engage in the home buying process with Canadians who do not qualify for a mortgage due to bad credit or insolvency. active. Citadel is one of the largest full-service mortgage brokerages in Ontario with a strong reputation and this partnership provides a channel to reach a new demographic of Canadians who can benefit from financial wellness and credit solutions. of Marble.


Karim Nanji, CEO

About Citadel Mortgages. Citadel Mortgages is one of the largest full-service mortgage brokerages with professional mortgage agents and mortgage brokers serving all of Greater Toronto, Toronto and Ontario Canada. We are changing the way mortgages are made by providing our clients with insightful advice and products to help our clients become mortgage free faster while improving their quality of life through the services of our partners.

For more information, please visit: https://citadelmortgages.ca/

About Marble Financial Inc. (CSE: MRBL; OTCQB: MRBLF) Marble builds on its proven data-driven strategies by using the power of machine learning, data science and artificial intelligence, through its cutting-edge proprietary technology solutions Fast-Track, Score-Up and Credit-Meds to engage and navigate a clear path for Canadians to financial well-being and a meaningful credit score. Since 2016, Marble has been proud to have empowered thousands of marginalized Canadians to have a positive financial future, and we continue to establish ourselves as leaders in financial wellness through the licensing of our proprietary products. on the Marble platform.

For more information, visit the company’s website at http://monmarbre.ca

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