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Louisiana Wine Musician Releases Debut Album | Way of life


SHREVEPORT, La. — Shreveport musician Landon Lloyd Miller grew up surrounded by music.

Miller’s father was a minister in a charismatic church and her mother was a traveling choir director. Gospel music has therefore always been a staple in Miller’s life. Traveling with his mother, Miller began to fill in as needed and used his newfound talents with guitar, piano and drums so he could write, record and produce his debut album.

“I was in the theater and that’s what gave me the confidence to turn on the soundboards and the lights and kind of learn the technical side, which is really fundamental when it comes to to be able to check in,” Miller said.

While some musicians and artists crave that high they get from performing, Miller’s interest is in the production side of things. He loves being able to walk into a studio and create from start to finish something that is completely his own and have complete control over every aspect.

“I’m not motivated by playing in front of crowds,” Miller said. “I’m a little shy when it comes to this stuff.”

Miller has played at various venues in northwest Louisiana, but recently moved to Texas, just outside the San Antonio area, where he makes wine by day and music by night.

His journey in winemaking began by learning how to roast coffee at Rhino, then his film company began creating marketing content for Signor Vineyards in Fredericksburg, Texas, and now Miller works as a production manager.

“It’s a job that’s sort of daytime and flexible and still allows me to have my evening and time to play music,” Miller said. “And moving to Texas really changed my options for music, because there’s just a lot more people here who enjoy songs, especially lyrical songwriting.”

Miller’s first solo album is a departure from what he has done in the past with previous bands. It’s simplified and focuses more on the vocal and lyrical aspects for a more venerable and personal sound.

“Light Shines Through” takes listeners on a sonically diverse journey with confessional piano ballads, cinematic rockers and plenty of troubadour twang and centers on a life well lived and a reminder that when the darkness sets in infiltrates, the light will always shine through.

“I want to play because I’m sure what I get out of it, that’s why I play music – it’s to have an outlet to put my thoughts and energy into and so I don’t ask him no more than that, I ask that this is just my goal.

“Light Shines Through” was released on March 4.