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Longwood Music Festival Coming Next Weekend – Mississippi’s Best Community Newspaper


NATCHEZ – The 2021 Longwood Music Festival will take place on Saturday, October 30, in front of the beautiful and famous pre-war octagonal-shaped house.

Lou Ellen Stout, who has hosted the Longwood Music Festival every year since 2015, said she couldn’t think of a better place across the country than at Natchez.

Stout added that Natchez’s most famous home is Longwood, which makes it the perfect place to host and support local artists as well as promote the city, she said.

“I was in New York once and there on a marquee in the middle of Times Square there was a picture of Longwood. I can’t tell you how awesome it was to see that there, and it should be. It’s the best place in the world, ”she said.

Each year, the festival works to promote the city while supporting emerging musicians Miss-Lou.

“We were the first to put on a gig for Bishop Gunn’s original band before they took off internationally,” Stout said.

She added, “I don’t pick the wrong people to play at Longwood. If I have practice groups, it’s only because people like them and want to see them again another year.

Headlining the 2021 Longwood Music Festival is “Sullivan’s Hallow,” which played a big show in 2020, prompting them to have another audience this year, Stout said.

“Dalton Wayne and the Warmidillos”, which Stout says is far from “a cover band” will also perform on Saturday.

“They play a lot of their own original songs,” she said.

“The Anteeks” and young musicians Tyler Gregg and Bryce McGlothin in their band “Easily Distracted” will also be back to perform in Longwood on Saturday.

“They are two very talented young men,” Stout said of Gregg and McGlothin. “We’ve had them for four years so they have to be good. And the Anteeks are a crowd favorite. People ask them to come back every year.

Also playing this year is war veteran Rowdy Johnson, whom Stout described as a “hillbilly Rockstar” with the “outlaw kind of stuff” comparable to Hank Williams Jr.

Johnson has performed with well-known stars, such as Charlie Daniels and Merle Haggard, she said.

The festival doors open at 11 a.m. on Saturday and the music starts at noon, Stout said.

Tickets at $ 15 each and kids 10 and under can attend for free with plenty to keep them entertained, including a Halloween carnival and a haunted hay walk that runs from 5 p.m. to 8 p.m. a- she declared.

Stout also thanked the event’s many sponsors – or “crowd partners” – who keep the festival going year after year.

“We want to support Natchez, support people and we want to support good music. We also want to support children. We want them to have a good time, ”Stout said. “Organizing this for six years is worth it. Build it, go on and on.