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Local musicians nominated for “Artist of the Year” at the 2021 Jammie Awards


“The Jammies” is Michigan’s annual music showcase and awards show hosted by WYCE Radio in Grand Rapids. This year they have some big names from the Northern region, and we met one of them who has already featured in the Friday of the Four sessions.

Photo: David Bird song

Singer, songwriter and guitarist, Jake Allen has been nominated “Artist of the Year” for the 2021 Jammies.

Other notable Northern Michigan artists on the ballot include The Brothers Crunch, The Marsupials, John Piatek, Ben Traverse and Michael Dause, Rachel Brooke, Sean Miller, and more.

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About Jake Allen:

“Allen explores many styles of music with his guitar magic, ranging from lullaby dreams to budding hymns. Documentary in a way, Allen’s immersive storytelling and emotional vocal performance offer a multitimbral journey through time and space. The constant groove of the drums, haunting guitar hooks and the whisper of a fiery voice evoke awe, evoking similarities to the golden era of ’90s pop music. His fourth album, “Affirmation Day” delivers insight into changing perspectives and personal growth through finger selection, guitar percussion and lush musical arrangements. ”- read more here.