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Les Bleus open the season at home against a team that caused them problems last season | Morning skating


The Blues will laugh with their own youngster, because Klim Kostin remains in the lineup due to the absences of Brandon Saad (COVID) and Pavel Buchnevich (suspension). In addition, there is a happy Vladimir Tarasenko.

“He’s a great person and he’s having fun on the ice,” said Robert Thomas, who crossed Tarasenko’s line. ” You can see it. He’s smiling again, he’s got his excitement and it’s great to watch and I mean, I’m just trying to give him the puck as much as I can and he’s been great.

“Vladi has always been so good with young people he’s always been great with me. I could point that out a ton of times in the first three years. He’s been great with me and always helped me. Injuries. are tough and I went through that last year and it’s hard to come to yourself, so I know exactly how he feels and I’m happy. He’s playing great, he’s having fun. It’s awesome . “

As for the loss of Saad and the addition of Kostin to his line, O’Reilly regrets losing Saad just as the line started to play better together, but he looks forward to the luck with Kostin.

“I think he’s going to do very well,” O’Reilly said. “Obviously it’s unfortunate for Saader, it’s such a bad rebound. I think our line was starting to kick in, we played a good game in Vegas and then obviously it happens and there’s not much- thing you can do. You always have to keep moving forward but what’s good about our team is our depth, we have so many great guys who can contribute to it, move around and play in different positions and I think Kostin gonna be great for us. body and very skillful and it’s just kind of communication on the ice. You talk about it after a shift, kind of reuniting, just having that feedback to each other is going to be huge as it goes. and to measure.

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