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KYLE, formerly SuperDuperKyle, is the next viral musician to drop NFTs


Award-winning rapper KYLE officially joins the NFT market with his latest album via Opulous. As a result, the performer will use Opulous’ latest feature called Music Fungible Tokens (MFT).

Rapper KYLE has released his entire album “It’s Not So Bad” as a Music Fungible Token through the Opulous platform. Credits: Instagram

Why is KYLE releasing his new album as NFT?

This month, KYLE joins the roster of rappers to tap into NFTs. Indeed, the singer launches his new album “It’s Not So Bad” in the form of an MFT (Music Fungible Token).

Essentially, MFT is a concept created by Opulous to empower music artists and their communities. Therefore, each of KYLE’s NFT holders will earn a portion of the music royalty revenue from the new album.

The creation entered the Top 10 Debut Albums Spotify Charts with over 7 million streams in one week. As a result, NFT holders have already started earning music royalty revenue with KYLE.

“I wanted to release a full MFT album with Opulous so my fans and I could get closer to a pattern of success as a unit, redefining success together,” KYLE said. “Sharing this experience with fans and maybe even friends and family is a precious thing.”

image of rapper KYLE next to Opulous MFT NFT platform logo
Together, KYLE and Opulous aim to bring musicians closer to their fans using the latest NFT technology solutions. Credits: Opulent

What is Opulous?

In short, Opulous is a platform that connects musicians to their fans. Their MFT system allows music creators to share the rights to their music copyright royalties with their fan base. Notably, each MFT complies with the United States Securities and Exchange Commission. Therefore, Opulous is the only platform to offer SEC-compliant music copyright NFTs.

Of course, KYLE’s musical NFTs are no exception. Collectors can already create their own tokens through Opulous to start generating revenue with KYLE. This innovation could revolutionize the digital music industry, as well as the relationship of musicians with their fans.

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