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Julius Randle’s Eagles diss to get under Jalen Brunson’s skin


There are fewer things that elicit more emotion than watching your favorite sports team suffer a heartbreaking loss. So, with the New York Knicks in ‘desperation’ mode, with rumors circulating that head coach Tom Thibodeau is in the hot seat after a string of inconsistent performances, Julius Randle knew exactly how to get the most out of his point guard Jalen. Brunson.

Brunson has been candid about his love for the Philadelphia Eagles in the past, and he even engaged in a friendly banter with former teammate Luka Doncic when his Eagles beat the Dallas Cowboys. The Eagles, led by Jalen Hurts, have been the NFL’s best team so far, record-wise, and entered Monday night’s game against the Washington Commanders with an impeccable 8-0 record.

However, the Commanders ended up upsetting the Eagles, 32-21, for their first loss of the season, and Julius Randle knew exactly what to do to start a fire under Jalen Brunson at the high-profile Knicks players’ dinner to remember after. a 145-135 loss to the Oklahoma City Thunder.

“I just got together, spent some time together off the field, watched the football game, watched the Eagles lose, so a great day,” Randle said when asked what happened. passed by during their team dinner, by Steve Popper.


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And maybe Randle’s mild provocations worked! Brunson ended up dropping 25 points and 8 assists in the Knicks’ 118-111 win over the Utah Jazz on Tuesday night, which put the Knicks at 7-7 on the season.

However, Jalen Brunson has burned down the Jazz before, most notably in the Dallas Mavericks 2022 playoffs, so the 26-year-old southpaw may not have needed the extra motivation to play the way he has. do. But it’s hard to argue with those kinds of results.