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Jazz legend Karl Malone announces partnership with Utah Food Bank



HEBER CITY, Utah – Utah Jazz great Karl Malone returned to report on his greatest basketball accomplishments on Monday to announce plans to help feed the hungry.

Malone, the two-time NBA MVP who played for 18 seasons with the Jazz, said he has formed a lifetime partnership with the Utah Food Bank to start food drives in his car dealerships.

“I came to Utah as a broken individual and you accepted me,” said Malone, who was drafted from Louisiana Tech in 1985. “So I’m going to call on all my hunters in Utah , kids, young, old, all, let’s … I want to end hunger in Utah and Louisiana. ”

A food pallet has been ordered for each of the stores in Malone where people can drop off food donations.

“The Utah Food Bank has a hell of a responsibility, but we’ll do the heavy lifting for you,” Malone said.

Malone reflected on leaving Jazz after the 2003 season to chase a championship ring with the Los Angles Lakers.

“I left Utah, part of me is gone.” said a moved Malone. “I met my wife here, great friends … I miss it. I was surprised because I had no idea. I feel at home, I feel complete.”

In a light-hearted moment, Malone showed he could probably still play when he unbuttoned his shirt and showed that at 58 he is still in incredible shape.

“I didn’t sit around doing nothing. Steel sharpens steel, I’m not sitting on my a__ doing nothing.”

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