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Jazz at Five moves from State Street to Fitchburg; move could be permanent | Music



Stanbery said it would be too difficult to reverse the course, even though restrictions on major events and masks have since been lifted.

He said Jazz at Five, which is entering its 27th season after missing last year’s season due to the pandemic, will not follow the lead of the Dane County Farmers’ Market, which returned to the plaza on Saturday. from the Capitol.

Stanbery said he spent four or five months planning and applied for the necessary permits. In addition, he also announced that the event will take place in Fitchburg.

“It might be too much to have this whole announcement that we’re going to be at McKee Farms Park and then come back to State Street,” he said.

Longtime Ald. Mike Verveer, who represents downtown, said he was disheartened by the loss of downtown events this year, including Jazz at Five; but also Taste of Madison and Concerts on the Square, both held at Breese Stevens Field; and Paddle and Portage, which took place on Saturday at Tenney Park.

“It’s disappointing and frustrating for downtown stakeholders to see these beloved events leave the heart of downtown,” he said.

The paddling event began at James Madison Park with participants transporting their personal watercraft across the Isthmus past the Capitol.

But, Verveer said he didn’t want to be too critical of the event’s organizers. “I can’t imagine what they all went through trying to figure out whether their events were canceled or not, juggling all the logistics and trying to decide when and where to have their events.”