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Is a Lakers trade close after Jazz moves, press conference juggling?


Well, Los Angeles Lakers fans were supposed to have a press conference from Lakers general manager Rob Pelinka and newly acquired head coach Darvin Ham on Wednesday.

That was until yesterday when it was reported by Marc Stein that the tandem would move the event to Monday, the same day the organization’s players would be interviewed.

This begs the question, was this decision really just a postponement? It looked like that might be the case until Lakers Twitter sleuths did their job and found two very intriguing pieces of information.

Five minutes before news of the conference move was released, it was revealed by NBA Insider Shams Charania that the Utah Jazz were making their first of two questionable moves.

Utah also signed Micah Potter to a two-way deal for the 2022-23 season, which was reported shortly after the Zeller news.

These questionable moves from the Jazz, combined with the postponement of the press conference, could signal that a trade from the Lakers is close.

Cody Zeller as an addition to the team makes sense. I mean he is an 8 year veteran in the league who is quite capable of delivering 15-20 quality minutes per game for teams. Micah Potter, a player entering his second year with just three games under his belt, doesn’t make as much sense, however. The situation the Jazz finds itself in now makes these moves even more insane.

After today’s news, that now means Utah has signed two players to its roster, bringing its total roster to eighteen, including two more two-way players.

While yes, offseason teams are allowed 20 players on the roster, as most fans know, when the regular season starts that number is reduced quite drastically to 15. That’s what we leads to conjecture.

With the season approaching so quickly, the question arises as to why the alarming oversupply of players and why has that apparently caused the Lakers to delay the team’s state of the union until Monday? Pelinka works.

With Russell Westbrook’s main draw being his expiring and rather massive contract, it would make sense that a 2-3 player return in a multi-team trade would suffice.

One name that has been thrown around is Bojan Bogdanovic who, with his big frame and 39% career three-point percentage, would make an exceptional addition to the team.

Another would be one of the Laker’s prodigal sons, Jordan Clarkson, who can get hot in a hurry on the offensive side, however, the backcourt is pretty full so that seems less likely.

Whether or not the trade dwindles for those specific players, when Pelinka and Ham finally take the stage on Monday, I have a feeling it could be cause for celebration.