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Grand Rapids African American Art and Music Festival draws crowds to new location for 2021


GRAND RAPIDS, MI – The Grand Rapids African American Arts and Music Festival brought a variety of food, entertainment and creation to downtown Grand Rapids on Saturday, September 25.

The full-day event, held at Studio Park in downtown Grand Rapids, kicked off at noon on Saturday.

“We have a festival that has been going on for over 40 years just to immerse our community in culture, dance, music and all of those things that are expressive for black people,” said the chair of the festival board, Lisa Knight.

The Grand Rapids Public Library, Children’s Museum and the Grand Rapids Fire Department were some of the groups in attendance to engage with the hundreds of people who have passed by.

The festival has been held in Grand Rapids for over four decades, historically at Calder Plaza or Martin Luther King Jr. Park, but this year has seen some changes.

Knight said this year’s event took place at Studio Park to enable COVID-19 security protocols. It was strongly recommended that all festival-goers socially distance themselves and wear a face mask, regardless of their vaccination status.

“We’re coming back,” Knight said. “As a community we can build together, support each other and share all the wonderful aspects of an individual culture. “

You can find more information about the festival on facebook.com/graaamf.

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