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“Getting it done”: the pandemic gave musician David Climaco Garcia “the urgency” to finish the album

Albuquerque-based musician David Climaco Garcia has released his album “Between the Devil and Me”. (Courtesy of Nick Tauro)

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Getting to the release of “Between the Devil and Me” was a long road for David Climaco Garcia.

“I started this just as the pandemic was starting,” said the Albuquerque-based musician. “It’s so awesome to release the album.”

The album was released on October 15.

Garcia has been writing songs for about 30 years, but the impetus for the new album started with an online course he was taking at Berklee College of Music in Boston.

“It was just to jumpstart my writing,” he says. “At the start of the course, something in the environment was fertile. It was as if each song was a song in its own right. It was as if the pandemic had given me this urgency. It was about doing it.

During the 12 week course, Garcia worked on a track for about two weeks.

Then the floodgates opened.

Due to the pandemic, David Climaco Garcia took time in the river with his family. (Courtesy of Nikelle Garcia)

“As summer approached, I wanted to record them with my usual band,” he says. “But we couldn’t get together or find the time to go into a studio and record it. We tried to record in my home studio, but there were too many fights that we would have broken up.

Then he met Bill Palmer and went to the Howlin ‘Dog Studio in Alamosa, Colorado.

At the studio, he finds inspiration.

“The studio is located right when the Rockies pay out,” he says. “The water is flowing and it was just amazing.”

Back in Albuquerque, he put the record in the closet for a few months.

As he began to record his voice and guitar in his home studio, his mother began to fall ill.

“She was in the hospital for two weeks without anyone seeing her,” he says. “He was diagnosed with terminal cancer. “

Garcia’s mother moved in with her family and they began another trip.

“I would share my time to finish the album by taking care of her,” he said. “When the album was finished, we went for a ride in the mountains and listened to the whole album together. Two days later she was gone. I consider it a huge blessing for her to hear it, as it was part of my journey with the album.

David Climaco Garcia recorded his album in Alamosa, Colorado. (Courtesy of Bill Palmer)

Garcia says this album is different from the ones he’s released in the past.

“I put my full potential into it,” he says. “It’s done professionally in every way.”

Garcia is waiting to do live shows again. In the meantime, here are five things you probably didn’t know about him: