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Father’s Day made easy with blues and beers at the Chattanooga Market


The Chattanooga Market will be ready for families this Sunday. It’s a Father’s Day tradition… cold, local beers and live music too. As the temperature rises, there’s something special about an ice-cold drink while listening to blues music.

This Sunday boasts Jess Goggans so what, Rick rushes live on the Cast iron lodge Crackling stage. And it’s high produce season with peaches, tomatoes, berries, okra, onions, radishes and so many other vegetables.

The market makes it easy to buy a Sunday night meal for Father’s Day with fresh cuts of meat (Meyers Beef Farm, Cove Creek Farm), two seafood vendors (Chattanooga Seafood, Reel ‘Em In) and breads/cheeses. If barbecuing is his “thing”, there are several sauce makers to deliver just the right amount of sweet or spicy.

Food trucks keep arriving by the dozen, Dad will enjoy eating a big, juicy burger (Johnny Poppers), tacos (I Love Tacos), barbecue (Dad’s BBQ), along with many other choices when visiting the market in Chattanooga.

With the Blues this Sunday

Rick Rushing & the Blues Strangers are a blues-based trio from quaint Chattanooga Tennessee. This trio harnesses the key elements of blues, jazz, rock and rhythm to create a synergy that elevates audiences to new heights of musical awareness. Cincinnati Ohio native Rick Rushing is the band’s frontman, vocalist and guitarist. Rick is related to the legendary Jimmy Rushing the American Blues Shouter and lead singer of the Count Basie Big Band.

Rick knows how to play the guitar perfectly and is the main songwriter of the group. No Rick Rushing & the Blues Strangers live show is ever the same with tight original music that some confuse with covers and covers that stretch the musical genius of artists like Jimi Hendrix, Ray Charles to the Cure.

Hailing and raised in northeast Alabama, singer/songwriter Jess Goggans puts her whole soul into her music and every ounce of her heart into every performance. Known for her sultry Southern Grit, soulful melodies and energetic stage presence, they say you can literally feel her voice flow through you. Jess’ music defies genres; it’s called “downhill music”, with influences from funk, rock and blues. She is accompanied by some of the best musicians in the Southeast.