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Farrell won’t bring music festival back to Virginia Beach, says town is run by “toxic energy”


Virginia Beach, Virginia (Rippling) – Something in the water The festival won’t return to Virginia Beach in 2022 after creator Pharrell Williams says Virginia Beach is run by “toxic energy” and executives didn’t like his opinion.

of letter to Virginia Beach manager Patrick Duhoney, Tuesday A 48-year-old singer and entrepreneur from Virginia Beach said the festival was successful in easing racial tensions, uniting the region and providing opportunities for economic development. But he said the same energy didn’t come and go.

“I wish the same energy that I felt from the leadership in Virginia Beach when I lost the festival was retained after the loss of my loved ones,” Williams wrote. Policeman On March 26, Williams’ cousin Donovan Lynch, 25, was shot dead …

Williams sparked off by Lynch’s death He called on city leaders to “talk about your problems and your struggle so that we can overcome them”. He also offered a forum in Virginia Beach to discuss “who we are, who we are and who we want to be”.

Many residents and community leaders have asked for a response on Lynch’s death. The policeman who fired the fatal shot did not turn on the camera he was carrying at the time. Police also said they brandished their guns before Lynch was shot, but her family disputed this. His family also said Lynch was legally permitted to carry firearms.

“I love my city, but for too long it has run on toxic energy,” Williams said. “The poisonous energy that changed the story several times around the murder of my cousin, [Donovon] Lynch, a citizen of Virginia, is the same toxic energy that changed the story of the massacre and the insignificant loss of life in Building 2. “

Building number 2 is the mass shooting at the Virginia Beach Civic Center As a result, 12 people were killed and 4 were injured.

Letter from Williams, October 5 Letter from De Honey, September 26 After hearing, he said he felt a “big disappointment” Something underwater It might not take place in 2022. The 2020 and 2021 festivals have canceled due to concerns about COVID-19, The first festival in 2019 had an estimated economic impact of more than $ 24 million.

“These numbers are impressive, but that is exactly what they are. We have not lost sight of the intangible and unquantifiable impact of the festival on the social structure of our community, ”writes Duhaney.

Donna MacMillan-Whitaker, founder and managing partner of Venture Realty Group, which helped organize the first festival, said the Something in the Water Festival won’t take place in 2022. At least it won’t take place in Virginia Beach. No further details were provided on what this meant.

Duhoney called on Williams and festival officials to meet with the city before making the final decision on the festival.

Williams did not accept the invitation in his response.

Instead, Williams said: “Until the gatekeepers and powers look at citizens and consumers and no longer see all human rights ideas as controversial … I have no problem though. . , I noticed that the city did not like the solution I proposed. ”

Virginia Beach Councilor Aaron Rouse, who was the council liaison for Something in the Water, told WAVY: [toxic energy] But look again at our city. There is a lot to do. We must face our problems head on. “

Virginia Beach, Virginia – April 27: A $ AP Ferg will perform onstage at SOMETHING IN THE WATER – Day 2 in Virginia Beach City on April 27, 2019 (Photo courtesy Brian Ach / Getty Images for Something in the Water)

He said Williams’ letter did not surprise him and at this point he was not confident in the city’s ability to restore relations. He said there was no leadership after the March 26 shooting.

“There was a lack of leadership when this happened. My other colleagues and I had to convene a special session, ”he said. “We need to provide more updated information on the inquest into the deaths of Donovan Lynch and Deshaira Harris.”

Virginia Beach mayor Bobby Dier also wants to find a way forward.

“I’m disappointed that he feels this way. Something underwater was very big and positive for Virginia Beach. Unfortunately, I had to cancel at last year’s COVID. , Again… The manager and I want to connect with Farrell and sit down and talk. This is what we are trying to do. We claim to be positive and to move forward on this. I’m going, ”Dier said.

Farrell won’t bring music festival back to Virginia Beach, says city is run by “toxic energy”

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