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Experience the magic of Elderbrook brought to the Northern Nights music festival


Johnny Edge

Elderbrook, the artist and singer who brought us hits like ‘Cola’ and ‘Inner Light’, took to the stage at the Northern Nights Music Festival Cook’s Valley Campground in Piercy, California.

You can see from the photos we took that the weather at the 2022 festival was hot and humid, but that didn’t stop Elderbrook from showing his heart to a captivated audience.

We were fortunate to enlist the photographic talents of Johnny Edge, who captured the festival experience through Elderbrook’s eyes in our latest photo diary.

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So check out all the photos below along with unique quotes from the artist so you can feel like you’re (almost) at the festival yourself.

Photos of Elderbrook taken by Johnny Edge

About Northern Nights Music Festival

Located behind the Redwood Curtain in the fertile crescent of the Emerald Triangle, the festival offers a new-age portal to the Great American West.

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Established as one of the most unique boutique festivals in North America, Northern Nights brings together a dedicated community of music fans, cannabis enthusiasts and nature lovers on the scenic banks of the Eel River.

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Northern Nights attendees can find themselves floating in the river and listening to their favorite artists on the river stage while doing yoga by day, capturing the future of electronics live on the main stage at bedtime. sunshine, or exploring art installations and dancing the night away at the Bunker Stage.

It’s an experience personified by wild West Coast independence, curated with global sensibilities in mind.

Is Northern Nights Music Festival a weed festival?

Northern Nights Festival

Known as a pioneer in bringing music and cannabis together, Northern Nights was the first music festival to offer legal cannabis sales and consumption on-site.

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As a result, the festival has become a hotbed for forward-thinking cannabis culture and politics, acting as a forerunner for the live events industry and beyond.

Their Tree Lounge cannabis consumption area remains a foundation of the Northern Nights experience while offering a comprehensive showcase of the best brands in the cannabis industry as well as medicinal culinary experiences, cannabis yoga and other bespoke programs. to announce.